Not Such a Bad Idea

This is the edict at Tazza on Henry Street. Considering hipsters with laptops and playas hitting each otherup on their cellys is really no environment to enjoy a latte, this move is kinda brilliant.

BHB Photo by Homer Fink

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  • Phil


  • bhbabe

    The part you don’t see from this sign is when the owner (manager?) herself is sitting at the bar on her Apple laptop during those no internet hours … I guess she’s working on her computer instead of web surfing, huh??

  • fbdb

    Has anyone ever noticed how the waitresses there just disappear? Randomly.

  • anon

    The owner/manager is not taking up seating for hours while nursing one coffee, it doesnt matter what she’s doing on her computer. its a business that needs to turn the table over, not the neighborhoods livingroom.

  • Teddy

    I passed Tazza once and noticed a good looking woman (that’s why I noticed) sitting at a table outside using her notebook PC. When I passed again almost two hours later, she was still there talking on her cell phone. Like anon said, this is a business, not the neighborhood’s living room. Many of us want a relaxing lunch without listening to someone’s irritating phone conversation.

  • MadeInBrooklyn


    Did you ever think perhaps she is doing the store’s book-keeping or ordering???

  • frances

    I’m with Teddy — the intimate details of life that are shared in a loud voice over traffic into a cell phone, or at a restaurant or in the grocery store, are grating as hell. I love it that cell phones are banned at Overtures. I can understand needing to turn tables over, but for the peace of mind of other diners, ban cell phones as well!

  • No One Of Consequence

    Aren’t you excited for when we can use cell phones on planes?

  • yo

    or the subway?

  • nabeguy

    “Don’t tazza ma bro!” It’s about time that some restauranteurs have decided to stand their ground against people who either can’t figure out how to make a good cup of coffee at home, or are tired of looking at their Ikea furniture. I witnessed a couple sitting opposite each other in the window of Henry St Ale House for 5 hours (!), each with a laptop propped on the table in front of them, which left no room for either a drink or food. Yoo-hoo people, it’s a bar, not a library.

  • Joe

    the idea is a good one. I used to see Gabriel Byrne at Tazza. Conversing with a lunch mate or reading. He is clearly the model Tazza client. Haven’t seen him of late though maybe he couldn’t get a table.

  • Bart

    I would love to be able to afford to actually buy a cup of coffee.

    But with mortgage payments on the coop, two children at St. Ann’s, maxing 401k and 503bs, dealing with the ATM, and a dog, this Upper-Lower class Brooklyn Heights resident will just have to make do by smelling the aroma.

    Obviously the people who can buy a cup of coffee are members of the Upper Class.


  • Michele

    Seems to me that they actually want an environment that is a pleasant, European one, and it works for me. I go to Tazza to get AWAY from the damn computer and phone. I give them my money, they give me a nice experience, I go back. Good business!

  • nabeguy

    Okay, so what the neighborhood really could use is an internet/phone-booth/sofa-lounge/cafe/bar. It’d probably make a fortune. Any investors out there?

  • bornhere

    Kind of sounds like my home, nabeguy. Show me the money.

  • nabeguy

    Show me your home and I probably won’t need money. How soon can you open?