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  • Arch Stanton

    Thanks Publius, It’s not easy being top curmudgeon on this blog, there is a lot of competition. I created the Arch Stanton character to be the ultimate malcontent contrarian, ruffle some feathers, keep it interesting. I guess I have succeeded.

  • bhmom

    I don’t understand about the R train stairs. Are you all talking about the steps you walk down from the entrance at Montague and Clinton? Becuase I have never seen any homeless people on those stairs. We always walk down the stairs and then take the elevator down to the train platform. WHy would you not take the elevator? I don’t even see any stairs there.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    The top of the stairs in question are behind a door at the end of the right elevator mezzanine. The platform level door is off the side of the mid stair landing.

  • bhmom

    So some people take stairs down to the platform instead of the elevator? I don’t get why, and I didn’t even know that the option existed. Or, are you talking about a set of stairs that leads DOWN to the floor where you get onto the elevator?

  • ilikebrooklyn


    I talked to one of the owners twice about the problem and he said they would get a copy of the notice of privacy policy — the referenced document. Nothing so far.

    That part of the problem is easy to solve and as I said before, the law.

    The nasty man situation isn’t going to change because the nasty man told me he is also the owner. So as long as he is in the store — customers need to know their conversations with the pharmacist are not confidential – and they may be verbally abused by one of the owners.

    I do get your point.

    Also — I had a problem at CVS at one time and went through the process of filing a complaint with the Office of the Professionals — it is under the NYS Department of Education. Nothing happened. The investigation said there wasn’t a problem that they could see.

    This was also an interesting experience. I went to pick up a prescription and they handed me two prescriptions — one that I requested and one for sleeping pills — that I did NOT request. It wasn’t part of rapid refill policy.

    I asked them why they did that — and pointed out I could have sent someone with a drug problem to pick up my pills (that were not a controlled substance) – plus a multitude of other ‘perhaps.’

    The Office of the Professionals did nothing.

    I prefer to stay away from the City Chemist and won’t gripe again. I would suggest, however, that people who read this make sure they know what they are signing and ask for the document.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @ bhmom,

    There is always a staircase to bypass an elevator. It is necessary in case of an emergency, fire, power outage, etc. Some people take the stairs because it can be faster than the elevator and some may do it for exercise. Whatever the reason it doesn’t seem worth it considering one must navigate a gauntlet of urine, fecal matter and masturbating homeless men.

  • pankymom

    I know — let’s ask the masturbating homeless man to sub in for the customer-hating owner at Chitty Chemist? He might appreciate some extra sleeping pills if they’re handing them out.

  • ccde

    The photo for this open thread was changed. why?

  • Homer Fink

    The photographer, who it posted it on Flickr, was very very upset we didn’t ask her permission. So we complied with her request to take it down.

  • nabeguy

    Always get permission, Homer. It’s a Flickr thing.

  • Teresa

    A couple of years ago, a photo posted on here of Brooklyn Bridge anniversary fireworks was attributed to Flickr; I contacted the photograph and requested permission to use it on my website, and the response was, “It’s on Flickr! Of course you can use it!”, suggesting that posting on Flickr equaled permission to use it with attribution.


  • epc

    You have to look at the actual license/copyright statement on the photo’s flickr page. The photo in question here has an “all rights reserved” copyright listed, with no creative-commons license displayed.

  • Homer Fink

    Yet all sharing is enabled. Go figure.

  • Judith Griggs

    Homer, Surely you’ve heard of the Cooks Source fiasco a few weeks ago? Do a quick google search. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it public domain.