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  • stickler

    Theater of the Absurd…taught to 4th and 5th graders?

    Damn it, my public school sucked.

  • Henry

    Does anyone out there know a great nannie who is available for a newborn?

  • Clarky

    Does anyone know when (if ever) Dumbo Wines is going to open in the ever-vacant Sol Goldman retail space near the former Busy Chef?

  • Lee

    i know of a good nanny.

  • harumph

    Okay, I’ve got a question too. I was lamenting our serious lack of decent grocery stores yet again and began wondering what ever happened to that rumor that Whole Foods was considering the bottom of OBB as a locale – anybody?

  • David G

    I’ve stopped taking the stairs to the R train. I saw and smelt a homeless man pooping in the middle of the stairway. I usually can deal with this kind of stuff but this image scarred me for life. Thank you homeless man near the R train. You’ve ruined my commute forever and made me want to move to the burbs.

  • anon
  • Y

    @ anon: thanks for the information. I will promptly inquire if his living quarters are now either up for sale or are being rented out.

  • Henry

    How could I find out more?

  • Lee

    Henry, How can i get in touch with u? I don’t want to post my email or #. If you are ok posting your email, I will email you with info or call you.

  • anon

    @henry, @lee -you should join this parent listserves, which has nanny info and so much more

    And for those of you south of the border, here’s one for Cobble Hill and beyond:

    There are also specialized listserves for twins, adopted kids (foreign and domestic) and all sorts of other cohorts. The Internets is a wonderful place.

  • Henry

    Lee, please email the best way to get in touch with you at


  • Odelia

    I’m so tired of the terrible customer service at TANGO on Montague Street. In this economy, you really would think that they would try to do better especially since their prices are so high. I went in to buy leggings this morning, on my way to the airport, I just wanted to get in, and get out. Two saleswomen just stood there, honestly, with their mouths half-open, when I asked if they had footless leggings. “Do you HAVE leggings? You’re looking at me like I’m from another planet.”, I said after having asked twice to no avail. “Yeah, we do.” the most blank-eyed girl replied. “Great”, I said, “where are they?” “Ahhhhhhhhhh” was the response, more blank staring, more mouth hanging half open. More time wasted. It was as though no one has asked her a diret question in her life, I’ve never seen anything like it. I just left. Please, I’d rather go to Ricky’s and pay triple.

  • ilikebrooklyn

    I like Tango and shop there often. You should say something to Jessica… at least I will.

    I hesitated to blog about a really bad experience at City Chemist last weekend. However I decided to comment on the problems.

    They do not provide a notice of privacy when you are signing their electronic HIPAA screen. It says you have seen it — and are agreeing — however they don’t provide a copy.

    When I brought this to the attention of the person behind the counter (maybe he’s the pharmacist?) he said it wasn’t important. I told him it was — and that it was the law. He shrugged off my comment again and ignored me.

    Then — a man who hangs out behind the pharmacy counter started yelling at me and went on to question whether or not I was a lawyer. He told me he hates lawyers.

    I am not an attorney however know the law. The young man behind the pharmacy desk didn’t care about the law — said it wasn’t important — and then a nasty man yelled at me and went as far as to comment on a conversation he overheard when I was talking to a pharmacist a couple of weeks ago. Not very ethical.

    I was thinking about switching to their Dumbo pharmacy however the problem at the City Chemist will continue.

  • Bartmann

    David G,

    I pass by that homeless guy on the R street stairs every weekday. In the morning going down the stairs he is generally asleep and at his most docile. I wonder about his existence there in the stairs. It’s like he is voluntarily serving a prison sentence by sitting there all day and nights in the stairs. He does have a new briefcase now and it seems like a prized possession.

    Sometimes a second, more bellicose homeless man sleeps in the stairwell and he usually intimidates the regular homeless guy to sleep further down the stairs. He is more slovenly about his appearance, and less diligent about his corporeal ablutions.

    Weekdays are generally less disgusting then on weekends because of the increased foot traffic.

    Two weeks ago I took the subway on the weekend. Even before I got to the stairs I smelled a rank corporeal stench. I kept my tread very light and slow and saw a lot more gear strewn all about the stairwell. I heard a groaning sound and as I rounded the corner I saw the second more bellicose homeless man masturbating. It was such a surreal thing to see and felt like I was invading his bedroom. He just looked at me angrily and continued working on his 13 centimeter meatlet.

    I can say that walking down those steps on a weekend is more treacherous because the reduced foot traffic means that he has two days to spread out and impregnate his lair with his secretions and excretions.

    I no longer touch the hand rails because one time i happened upon him “polishing” the rails with a smelly rag. When I reached the platform I sniffed my left hand and smelled fecal matter. Luckily I had a handywipe.

    At this point in my journeys up and down those stairs the whole experience has taken on an anthropological flavor.


  • Claude Scales

    Correction re Paul Calello: he did not live at 57 Montague. He lived on Remsen Street.

  • Andrew Porter

    For several years, I’ve heard what sounds like a Really Loud cellphone ringing somewhere on the Hicks/Henry block of Pineapple, usually after midnight. Anyone else heard this?

    Also, Homer, I still get unexpected skips when I’m reading the BHB. I’m reading the article, then suddenly there’s the end of the comments on view. I’m using an iMac and Safari. I thought this would end with the new host, but…

  • Eddy de Lectron


    What is so wrong with taking elevator that makes you expose yourself to that horror?

  • HIPAA Check the Chemist

    @ilikebrooklyn-the form to file a HIPAA complaint is here:
    General HIPAA background info is here:

  • ilikebrooklyn

    Thanks — I’m not going to bother. I know the law. The City Chemist doesn’t. That’s my point. And most people don’t read these forms — including myself. Except they’re not even providing the notice of privacy policy that the consumer is agreeing to have viewed.

    This was an FYI post.

    Thanks for the resources.

    BTW…. I deny HIPAA at the drug store. It means nothing. My medical records have seen breached and sold before. That’s the reason why I wanted to see what the privacy policy notice says. Maybe I would agree if I knew what it said.

  • Jorale-man

    Could we please refrain from discussions of disgusting people doing disgusting things in the subway. It’s bad enough we have to cope with this stuff on a daily basis (thank you, MTA) but I’d rather not read about it as I’m making my dinner.

    I certainly do sympathize with your experience, btw.

  • cat


    Are you saying Ricky’s charges triple what TANGO charges for leggings? TANGO is so expensive; I can’t believe Ricky’s charges more. I never really feel comfortable in TANGO because I think they are snobby if they don’t know you and/or you don’t look wealthy.

  • nabeguy

    I’ve never understood how Tango has stayed in business all these years given their prices and attitude. They must own the building, which would jibe with the approach of every other commercial landlord on the block…get the most for the least.

  • Arch Stanton

    Odelia, Leggings? sounds more like you needed Tampons and Motrin.

  • Publius

    @Snarch Stanton:

    Congratulations Snarch! Your latest asinine, misogynistic comment wins you the 2010 BHB Curmudgeon Award. This award goes to the most petty, hateful and annoying commenter on the blog. Keep up the good work. Your neighbors admire you.

  • bornhere

    nabe — Your guess is right: Michael, the owner of Tango, owns the building. I know we always wail about the crappy stores on Montague, and we long for more private efforts, but Tango, despite its longevity, good appearance, and invariably nicely done windows, is really not my go-to shop for anything. Just walking in there can be a real stressor.

    As for you, Arch, now that you can reread your post to your heart’s content, do you wish you could retract it?

  • lee

    Henry, I sent you an email and nanny is still looking for work. The family she was recently working for just upped and moved and didn’t give her notice.

  • Reader

    @ilikebrooklyn–I understand your point, but if you don’t complain to the proper people then (in my humble opinion) you lose your right to gripe. Complain and get it fixed, or don’t complain at all. That business will continue to flout the law and others may get harmed who are not as aware as you are. To quote Spidey, with power comes responsibility. That’s why I vote (often), use 311 and carry a rifle (just kidding on that last one).

  • BigDave

    There is absolutely no reason to have to put up with people living in the MTA system. If you see something, say something, as the old saw goes. I am well aware that the NYC homeless system is not great, but this isn’t 1979, folks. Any of you remember when?

  • jorale-woman

    Does anyone know the history of the yellow brick house on Joralemon Street. I think the exact address is 129 Joralemon St