The 27 Cranberry Street Lot Exposed

We caught a glimpse of the full lot at 27 Cranberry Street, soon to be home to a brand spankin’ new piece of “modern” architecture. And boy, does it look roomy! New owner/ real estate developer Louis Greco and “architect of the year” Martin Santini are said to be planning a 25 foot wide four story single family home with a glass facade and underground squash court (which we’d guess could be converted to a Bat Cave, if you’re a crime fighter).

Has anyone seen renderings of the proposed building?

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  • AEB

    I was lucky enough to get a pic of the model:

  • AEB

    …the cross is not really that but an outddor mani-pedi-offering spa/miniature golf course….

  • David on Middagh

    Thanks for my morning laugh, AEB!

  • my2cents


  • Deb

    AEB – you are hilarious!

  • davoyager

    My friend Raccoon has lived on that quiet lot all these years.
    Rabies shot anyone?