Community Meeting on Tobacco Warehouse This Afternoon

Reader Montragrue sends us this:

Community Meeting to review Tobacco Warehouse RFP Responses; Monday, November 15 at 4:00 pm; Brooklyn Borough Hall, Courtroom. Please RSVP to Elizabeth Ernish at or (718) 802-3893.

This meeting is open to the public.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation has requested proposals for use or development of the Tobacco Warehouse in DUMBO. The responses to this request will be discussed at this meeting. For more on this topic, see here.

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  • bklyn20

    It’s very interesting how “the public” only found out about this late yesterday or early today — ie same day notice. Yet the people in favor of one of the proposals (St. Ann’s Warehouse) came with prepared speeches. MANY people were present to support the St Ann’s Warehouse proposal, including many people from from BAM. The BAM folks had prepared testimony too.

    Shameless! It’s as bad as when Ratner bussed in people to applaud Atlantic Yards at early hearings for that misbegotten project.

  • Reggie

    Many people who are in opposition (e.g.: Roy Sloane) to the RFP knew about this meeting sufficiently far in advance. Perhaps you missed an e-mail or aren’t the playah you think you are.

    That said, I agree the way BBPC papered the room with supporters was overkill. They made themselves look bad.

  • bklyn20

    No emails were missed, and I have no pretensions to playa-hood. Yet it seems that you are a playa hata.

    Whether I am or am not a player, whether or not I knew about it, is not really important. This is supposed to be a public hearing, and notification should go out to everyone, not just The Friends of Marty and Regina. You know, this blog, local papers, notices in the park. That kind of thing. At least a week ahead of time.

    Again, it’s trompe l’oeil public process. BBPDC et al make a show of a public meeting, orchestrated to achieve a predetermined result.

    Public meetings scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday — a great way to have public process! Let’s move all PTA meetings to 11 am Wednesday, shall we? The next annual BHA meeting sould be at noon on a Monday, right? The lack of notice and the times of the meetings are absurd.

    How does the Development Corp get away with this? Probably because too many playa hatas let them. But thanks for acknowledging the over-orchestrated FOMAR, aka Friends of Marty and Regina. This park process is FUBAR to me.

  • Reggie

    If you look at the number of people who were present that oppose the RFP process, clearly the notice went out to more than just “The Friends of Marty and Regina.” Furthermore, through the miracle of e-mail, those that did receive the notice passed it on to others. I was not included in the initial distribution but I received a second-hand notice with plenty of time to decide whether to attend or not.

    20, I think you are focusing on the wrong thing. If the whole RFP process stunk, then that is the issue, not who was invited to an announcement of what many believe was a done deal months ago.

  • bklyn20

    Yes, we actually agree on that one. The whole process does/did stink, but last minute notice of meetings that the public should have been alerted to (without any help from me or you or Mr. Sloane) only adds to the aroma. I am probably on the wrong side of the discussion for the BBPDC and/or the BBP Conservancy to want to email me. If there was appropriate public notice this would be irrelevant.

    Sadly, though, it is not just the RFP process that stinks. So does
    basically anything involving public process and this park.

  • bklyn20

    FYI, didn’t CAC members get notice of the meeting last Friday (11/12/10) and if so why didn’t they disseminate it to the public? At least that would be 4 day’s notice.

    Of course, many of the CAC members are hand-picked by the BBPDC, and may be worried that they would be de-cacked if they disclosed the meeting info. The FUBARosity grows…

  • Claude Scales

    I saw T.K. Small, who is on the CAC, at today’s board meeting. He said he would forward notice of future meetings to me as soon as he gets them.

  • bklyn20

    Thanks, TK and Claude. I appreciate your sending info to BHB, but shouldn’t PUBLIC meetings be announced to the PUBLIC by the entity holding the meetings?? And shouldn’t said meetings be at a time that the PUBLIC, or many members of the PUBLIC, can attend?

    I am grateful for your help, but sad that you have to extend yourselves in this way.