No Goodbye for La Mancha

This report in today from Brownstoner, but is it premature?:

Brownstoner: The Spanish restaurant La Mancha, at 135 Atlantic, has shuttered. There hasn’t been any action there for awhile, and recent talk on Brooklynian confirms the website is down and no one’s picking up the phone.

We’re looking into the commenter assertions that La Mancha is still in biz. Brownstoner has updatedremoved their post, and our always dependable contributor EJ says they’re still in biz. A phone call to the owner this morning has not yet been returned.

Post updated at 11:07 am to reflect new info.
Flickr photo via EastofNYC

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  • EJ

    I’m not sure if I buy this. They were open on Sunday and are always closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

  • Montragrue

    Agree with EJ. Not buying it. No problem believing that José failed to renew the registration for the domain name and that the website is down. But this seems dubiously under-investigated.

  • bornhere

    I loved La Mancha when it was still the sort of hole-in-the-wall place for so many years on Henry and Atlantic. Once it moved, the whole tone changed.

  • Claude Scales

    I hope EJ and Montragrue are right. I remember having some good paella Valenciana and arroz con pollo there, washed down with delightful sangria, though I haven’t been as faithful a customer as I should. By the bye, “buh-bye” has been seriously overused. In this instance, adios would seem more fitting, though I hope it’s just hasta la vista.

  • Heights Mom

    Bornhere, it is not the same restaurant as the one on Henry and Atlantic. Completely different owners, and there was a gap of about 10 years between when the Henry one closed and the Atlantic one opened.

  • bklyn20

    I think I walked by there this weekend and they seemed to be in business. ???

  • bornhere

    Thanks, Heights Mom — you’d think I’d pay attention to these things. But that explains a lot (but was it really a 10-year absence???).

  • Matthew Parker

    I love La Mancha. Jose, the owner, is a gem and runs a fun bar/restaurant. The food is quite good.

  • http://Stillthere! Ginny

    As regulars, Steve and I ate there on Friday and passed by on Sunday. Jose is still there and has no plans to close. He is always closed on Mon and Tues. & has never paid attention to his website, developed several years ago by another regular customer. By the way, he will be closed for 2 weeks starting the end of Nov… he’ll be taking a long needed vacation to Spain with family. So get there this week.

    As for the history of the place, the original La Mancha on the corner moved to this location almost 20 or so years ago & changed its name to Mason Flamenco. It remained for a number of years and then Jose bought the place 5 years ago. He had no idea that his “new” name for the place, La Mancha, had been the old name on the corner and was surprised that folks kept coming up at his opening Atlantic Antic sardine grill asking why he changed the name back and recounting the old days.

    Jose is a great owner and its one of our favorite places to hang out with friends, eating tapas or ordering full meals. Worth a visit.