Open Thread Wednesday 11/10/10


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  • Arch Stanton

    So… I went to Key Food yesterday I found everything I needed, the vegetables were fresh, the check-out was fast and efficient… as usual, no complaints… I feel lucky to live so close :)

  • Mario

    to all my Clients and friends:


    I want to thank you for all your support and for following me as I have changed venues over the years.
    Without your understanding and support, I would not have been as successful in this business as I have been. Knowing you all these years have also enriched my life as I have been many of you and you family grow as well.

    With this being said, I have the great news to share with you, I am once again moving and again, It’s my hope that you will move with me and allow me to continue being part of making you look your best.

    Effective: immediately

    Studio Fryzura Salon;

    Located on 78 Clark St, Between Henry st. and Hicks Sy
    Brooklyn Heights 11201
    I am looking forward to see you there

    For appointments and questions
    please contact Studio Fryzura
    work number: 718 522.12.22
    cellphone : 718 594.25.62

    Thank you for your support and understanding

    Always yours
    Mario Avila

  • AL

    This is not the place for such shameful self-promotion. It took quite a while, but Melanie Hope Greenberg finally learned this and gained my respect.


    @AL- relax. It seems like Mario is trying to let people in the neighborhood (who are currently his customers) know that he is moving. If this became a weekly occurrence where he was actually promoting his services then by all means feel free to complain about it. but this does not seem like the case of of yet. and no i am not a client of his.

  • Homer Fink

    Folks – Qfwfq has moved our site to a new hosting solution. This should fix speed/performance issues. You should start seeing difference soon.


  • Monty

    Qfwfq FTW!

  • ML

    I know this has come up on here before and there is no inexpensive answer when it comes to painting framing. I have a small unstretched canvas I am looking to get framed. Does anyone have a recommendation. The painting itself isn’t worth much, so I am reluctant to spend a fortune. I will be looking for a relatively simple frame, probably, after it is stretched. 1) Does anyone have any experience with the small framing storefront on Cranberry Street (run by Katie Browning, I believe)? How is she on work/price? 2) If not, any other suggestions? Thanks!

  • AEB

    Site already loading more quickly, ditto ads. Thanks you, Jesus! I mean, Homer and Qfwfq.

    Or is the distinction academic?

  • Homer Fink

    @ml – katie is awesome for real quality frames, we’ve also used montague street frame place — both are good options.

  • epc

    Apropos of nothing in particular, why are the cross streets misaligned in Cobble Hill (eg, Warren Street jogs at Court, Bergen & Congress, Baltic, etc). Intentional? Different grids at different moments in South Brooklyn development? Surveying mistake?

  • Claude Scales

    To paraphrase Kinky Friedman’s brother from his cameo spoken part in “Highway Cafe”, navigating around the Blog now goes “slicker ‘n owl sh*t.”

  • lifer

    ‘Make A Frame’ on Atlantic is pretty good too

  • Sticky

    The only shamless promoter here was the Annoying Husband blog, who is a contributor here and decided to email me with some interesting words.

    The vent is over…

    Maybe I was trying to not be depressed when I saw the photo; then I scrolled back up and got depressed again.

  • Homer Fink

    we’re working out some kinks this afternoon so site may be a little slow…

  • communitarian

    So, today I saw a man abusing his dog on Orange St near Columbia Heights –by, among other things repeatedly lifting it into the air by the leash only (100% off the ground, thus strangling the animal). This man is apparently well known to dog owners in the area for his abusive tactics and inability effectively to discipline the dog (ie through non-abusive means). Anyone familiar with him, and has anyone ever approached him about dog training or reported him to Animal Control?

  • Arch Stanton

    That guy is lucky I didn’t see him doing that to the poor dog… I’m probably lucky too; He’d be in the hospital and I might be in lock-up…
    Humm…. a better approach would be to photograph of video him in the act and call the cops. That kind of abuse is a crime.

  • Michael

    @ML I would recommend Katie Browning for framing.

  • spm

    1. I have not seen that dog owner (nor heard anything about him and I walk my dog several times a day) but will keep my eye out for him and definitely report to Animal Control.

    2. Anyone know what is being done with the Clark Street ramp to the Promenade or is the sink hole going to be a permanent cause of it’s closure? I asked Jonathan who works in the gardens at the Promenade and he sounded as frustrated as I did.

  • XML

    I, too, am curious about the Clark St. ramp to the promenade. It’s been out of commission since the summer. Doesn’t the city normally post a completion date for these “improvements”?

  • Homer Fink

    We’re looking Cobble Hill Blog contributors. If you’re in that area and would like to write for CHB email me info at thebrooklynbugle dot com

  • melanie hope greenberg

    When someone writes my name on the internet I’m sent a Google Alert. Thanks for the free publicity, AL!
    Here’s one for old time sake:

  • heightsguy

    A worker explained that they are adding stuff to the Clark St. sinkhole but it keeps going down and down. It is, of course, right over the Clark St. subway tunnel. His boss didn’t believe me.

  • cat

    I went to the website for Urban Classics auto repair, but there is no information about whether they actually specialize in classic cars, and in particular, old foreign cars. A friend needs a mechanic she can trust for her 20 y.o. ailing Mercedes. Anyone used them and find them to be honest, reasonable, etc? Recommended? Thanks.

  • cat

    Darn, I was hoping the new hosting solution would allow me to go back to browsing BHB from Firefox, but it just shut down when I tried to make a comment. So it’s back to the deadly slow Safari. Oh well.

  • thenoise

    Is it just me, or has the sight seeing helicopter traffic seemed to have picked up again. I have called 311 several times to complain about the noise and number of flights, but it doesn’t seem to help.

    Any suggestions?

  • communitarian

    Thanks, Arch and spm. He’s known to frequent Squibb Hill… the dog is medium size, black and white.

  • AEB

    Cat, I use Firefox to access BHB. In the past, there were frequent crashes, that, over time, grew fewer and further between.

    The crashes seem to occur because of plug-in incompatibility with the browser. May I suggest you update your plug-ins, which I think helped in my case.

    Go here:

    and update as necessary. Though perhaps the new site host will resolve the problem without your having to take action

  • Andrew Porter

    ML: I’ve found Montague Framing to be quick and inexpensive. I did have some artwork framed by Jubilee Arts (on Henry just south of Clark) and they did a great job, but were incredibly expensive. You get what you pay for.

    The photo at the top of this Open Thread reminds me that young people like those resident in the St. George Dorm have little or no comprehension of the finality of death—which is, ironically, why teenagers make the best soldiers. I remember the death from cancer at a very young age of a fellow patient while I was at Memorial Sloan Kettering. His friends were inconsolable. They just have no idea of the heartbreak they can experience, sigh…

  • Milo

    You ain’t kidding John.! Opening BHB is so much faster even with dialup. Really appreciate you folks for your constant enhancements to the blog.

  • David on Middagh

    Cat, I use Firefox 3 on Windows XP, and have no trouble. I have noticed, however, that you can access BHB but not comment from the Brooklyn Heights branch library PCs (which use Internet Explorer and whatever firewall & security settings).