Report: Another Laundromat Coming to 78 Montague

Chuck Taylor fires off a new dispatch about Montague Street developments to BHB.  He says that the owner of 78-80 Montague Street reportedly is planning to open a new laundromat in the former home of burned out Montague Laundry, which has since relocated to the former Korres space on Montague between Clinton and Henry.

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  • x

    thanks but I like the new space much better.. the former address (78 montague) was TOO narrow for people to walk back and forth with carts of laundry.

    I hated it.

  • AEB

    This is indeed exciting news. Soon there’ll be THREE laundromats to choose from!

    Just when I think your a town without pity, Brooklyn Heights, suddenly–this!

  • Claude Scales

    I was hoping Montague Wines & Spirits would take over that space and expand their store, which is much too narrow.

  • Josh Goodman

    I guess the international laundry convention decided we Brooklyn Heights residents are a messy bunch, and we need 47 laundromats. Why not open a nail salon.. oh wait.. we have those too.

  • David on Middagh

    ^ Karmic punishment will be to return as a never-washed loincloth.

  • Andrew Porter

    Utility workers installing new lines dug through the root ball of the tree in front of the store. OTOH, it’s a gingko, though apparently a male, so no messy fall harvest of stinky fruit to avoid.

    Speaking of which, doesn’t anyone know anyone in Chinatown who would be willing to come over every Autumn and harvest our stinky gingkos?

  • David on Middagh

    Andy: Agreed! Brooklyn Heights needs agricultural migrant labor. Get on it!