Mikey’s Hookup Closes DUMBO Shop

DUMBONYC reports that Mikey’s Hookup in DUMBO has closed:

DUMBONYC: As of today, the Dumbo location of Mikey’s Hook Up closed. They are moving equipment and repairs to their Williamsburg location. Mikey’s opened their first store in Williamsburg 7 years ago and opened the Dumbo location a little over two years ago (September 11, 2008). According to the notice on the storefront, Mikey decided to go back their roots and focus on what’s right for them – keeping the Williamsburg location and building and maintaining their customer base there. They turned down an acquisition offer from a “major corporate chain”, which prompted them to re-evaluate the purpose of their business.

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  • Matthew Parker

    Sad, but not suprising. I would patronize Mickey’s for the odd cable or Apple earbud replacement. But there rarely was anyone in there and the employees were usually playing ping pong.

    I think a computer repair shop is needed, but anyone who runs a business like that, unless you’re Tekserve, needs a much lower overhead.

  • the jester

    I went there once for anonymous sex and found out I had misinterpreted the name.

  • David on Middagh

    …or they thought you were a cop ;)