Hot Singles Scene Brewing in Brooklyn Heights?

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A single gal friend of mine was looking at apartments in the neighborhood yesterday, and asked me what the action was like in the Heights. Hmmmm. Well, yesterday we asked you to weigh in on the best brew in town; it would stand to reason, then, that with all the new cafes around there should be some “meet cute” action, n’est-ce pas? Or perhaps we’re just cock-eyed optimists. (I know I am.) At any rate, tell us your favorite flirty places and maybe she’ll splash out for a jr. one-bedroom on Hicks St.

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  • my2cents

    Hey Rabble, what building is that? ;)

  • Lady Lawga

    Plenty of cute, educated single ladies at Brooklyn Law School . . .

  • Joe2: The Joe-ening

    Lady Lawga, don’t say that too loudly. The law gods might punish you for even thinking of leaving the library!

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    Leaving the library? I think you mean leaving Floyd.

  • Steve R

    When I met my wife on-line in 1996, she was already living in BH. Being from Long Island I was clueless about what “Brooklyn Heights” meant, but since I was working on Park Row at the time and traveling in every day from eastern Nassau County, the 10 minutes commute on the 2/3 made her definitely geographically desirable.

    I later found out that the Landmarks Preservation Committee has a regulation (among a few others) against any sort of overt flirting in any visible outdoor or public area within the historic district because “flirting was not an approved activity in the neighborhood during the Victorian era”. Maybe that’s why all the flirty people tend to stay off the streets north of Atlantic Ave.

  • AEB

    Au contraire, Steve. Flirting was a big item in Victorian times–in fact in all times prior to the so-called information revolution.

    As soon as one no longer had to leave one’s laptop to hook-up….

  • ooh la la

    @publius, @friendlyneighbor
    if you want hot fun in Brooklyn, you need to read the NY Times

  • Publius

    Wow, free buffet!

  • nabeguy

    That article made me lose my appetite altogether…for sex or a free buffet.

  • Heather Quinlan

    That article made me think of one of the greatest scenes in Seinfeld, Food, Sex & TV:

  • Heather Quinlan

    BTW – I think if everyone wants to do a Singles Night we should just do it a Roebling’s, see who shows up and see if we want to make it an ongoing thing. Until people start pairing up and the drama begins!

  • my2cents

    Heather, just one thought to increase comity at the singles night: People who support church parking in the bike lanes will wear a blue sticker, and people who don’t will wear a green sticker. hahah. Would hate to find out the next morning, you know? :-)

  • nabeguy

    My2, given the emerald color of the current lane, I think the supporters should wear the green stickers, no? Oh, and maybe wear red one if you like Great Wall.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Heather, Great Idea. I vote for Thursday nights at Roebling’s?

  • WillowtownCop

    Am I the only single person who’s HAPPILY single? I have no interest in meeting anyone who wants to be anything other than friends. That being said, if someone organizes a singles night, I’ll be there- to meet new friends …

  • Alanna

    I’d be down for a singles night @ Roebling – i love that place (and the bartenders are really funny…at least, to me.)

    Let me know please!

  • Joe

    Welcome to the nabe Joe2!

    I will not being joining singles night though the green/blue sticker for the bike lane seems like a good idea considering how strong people feel about this issue.

  • Andrew Porter

    I admit to unabashedly flirting while shopping in Key Food. But OTOH, I actually talk to complete strangers on the street wherever I go. Did a lot of that in Australia in September—except in Australia they actually talked with me.

    For me, it’s been harmless fun with, sigh, no hook-ups coming from it. I must admit I see the same people on the streets for years and end up introducing myself. Had a nice conversation with a woman down the street this week, after I grabbed an idle broom and started racking the leaves for her in front of her home. Only took us a mere 40 years to meet…

  • NYClady

    It’s true. Steve R and I met for our first date in front of the St. George Hotel but didn’t flirt until we got to Manhattan. When he told me he wanted to see me again, we were in BH but we were in Fuji San, so technically no rules were broken.

  • justaneighbor

    BornHere, to answer your question, while the lack of a singles scene isn’t ideal, a lot of other things about this neighborhood are and you dont have to have a family to appreciate them. I have my fun down on Smith/Court streets, am in the city daily for work so for me, it hits the right balance. I’d love to meet some single 30-something men in the area and Roebling Inn seems like the right place, so keep us posted on a date, BHB!

  • Matthew Parker

    I met my newlywed wife at Hillside Park.

  • Joe2: The Joe-ening

    Crickets? Or did everyone go to Roebling while I was stuck at work last week?