Michael-Towne Owner: Help Stop Underage Drinking

Michael-Towne Wines and Spirits owner Michael Correra wrote a Brooklyn Eagle Op-Ed piece recently about his efforts to curb underage drinking:

Brooklyn Eagle: As a retailer, my job is to ensure that anyone purchasing alcohol has proper identification and is a legal purchaser, but I cannot do this alone: Parents and family members need to take responsibility for keeping that alcohol out of the hands of our kids.

I am participating in the Federal Trade Commission’s “We Don’t Serve Teens” program in order to join a nationwide effort dedicated to curbing underage drinking by reminding adults that providing alcohol to teens is unsafe, illegal and irresponsible. The campaign warns of the hazards of underage drinking, with public service announcements on television, print ads, lapel pins, stickers and signage in English and Spanish, which will be distributed to, and prominently displayed by, retailers like me across the country.

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  • WillowtownCop

    Check out the NYS Alcoholic Beverage Control Act. It’s perfectly legal for a legal guardian to provide his or her child with alcohol in NYS.

    NYS ABC 65-c(2)(b): A person under the age of twenty-one years may possess any alcoholic beverage with intent to consume if the alcoholic beverage is given: (b) to the person under twenty-one years of age by that person’s parent or guardian.

    If you want your children to go off to college not knowing how to handle their liquor, by all means continue to treat it like “demon rum.” I, for one, was taught responsible drinking at a young age and will teach my children the same.

  • my2cents

    I completely agree with Willowtown Cop, but I think that they were referring more to the practice of buying for minors than having drinks with parents at home at the dinner table.

  • Derek Jetah

    CVS is a notorious provider of beer to under-age drinkers, notably the St. Ann’s crowd.

    At least those kids have moved on from smoking pot behind Peas & Pickles on Pineapple Walk to drinking Bud Light on Cadman Plaza…