@freshcafebar Now Open at Clark Street Station in Brooklyn Heights

We wrote about the new Fresh Cafe Bar getting ready to open back in July (sure it took a little longer than expected!) and today, The Brooklyn Eagle reports on its recent opening in the Clark Street subway arcade.

Brooklyn Eagle: Fresh Café Bar, a sandwich bar and deli that specializes in crêpes, recently opened in the lobby of the Clark Street subway station at the St. George Hotel, under the command of 23-year-old chef and Moscow native Maria Dobrovolskiy.

“I love making the crêpes,” Dobrovolskiy said with a blissful smile. “[My favorite part] is when you make them, and the steam comes off, and it wafts off the vanilla flavors.”

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  • AEB

    One wishes him/it luck. Can’t say eating in the Clark Street arcade sounds terribly inviting, but perhaps for takeout?

  • Monty

    @AEB, I’m pretty sure Maria is a woman’s name. And while it certainly is a bit odd to put tables next to an MTA utility closet, I have actually seen people sitting at them and eating. Why not? I had (delicious) crepe from there the other day, but decided to take it to go.

  • AEB

    Sorry, Monty, I’m no good at genders….

  • justaneighbor

    It’s very good..and for about $5-$6 you’ll get as good a salad as any. Let’s wish them luck. God knows the Heights needs all the culinary help it can get – train station or no train station.

  • DVP

    I had a spinach pie and a cup of coffee from there this morning. Coffee is really good and spinach pie very tasty and fresh.

  • http://CrystalChris.com CrystalChrissy

    I had a spinach pie & Lavazza Espresso to kick off the morning, great combination. I must say, the spinach pie wasn’t some mass produced slop someone threw together, but more a homemade type without any corners cut. I envision there are going to be a lot of spinach pies mornings on my way to work in the future.