Ouchy Pier 1 Gravel and High Heels Don’t Mix

Photo by Mrs. Fink

Mrs. Fink shot this picture Saturday afternoon at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 showing that the new gravel walkway is not a big hit with these wedding party members in high heels. She observes, ” Doesn’t bode well when your feet hurt before the wedding even starts.”

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  • Publius

    Could just be a bad case of Athletes’s foot.

  • T.K. Small

    @Mother Fink, was this photo of one of the myriad wedding parties there to take pictures, or was it the actual wedding that I saw taking place in BBP Saturday evening just at sundown? The wedding that I witnessed took place at the absolute top of the granite steps. It was a relatively small gathering (20-30 people) but I wonder what the official policy of BBP is on this matter, given the recent brouhaha related to selling constitutionally protected expressive material.

  • nabeguy

    Hey, T.K. nice ink and picture of you in a.m. today.

  • tb

    Aren’t there bigger problems in this world? Isn’t that a free location to go get those wedding photos? And by free I mean you get what you pay for.. wait… a spectacular view. Can’t we quit whining?

  • Matthew Parker

    When I got hitched a few months back, I spoke with the head of Ops at BBP, as we wanted to do some photos on Pier 1. It was a requirement to get a special event photo permit, which only took a few days and which outlines restrictions, such as no photos on the grass. Not sure why that’s in there, since the grass gets a lot of use, and I don’t see how photgraphing there is much different from other use of the grass such as passive recreation, kids running around, frisbee and soccer.

    I see weddings all the time in Dumbo Park, and of course in Prospect Park. All that’s needed for those is a parks permit.

  • Heightsman

    Nice legs ladies…..

  • bkre

    Right…. it’s the gravel that’s causing her feet to hurt, not those six inch stiletto heels. Come on.

    And also, you can get married in the park if you get a permit from BBP. Just like those artists could have vended in the park without a problem if they had a permit from BBP.

  • ujh

    Lawns may be off-limits for wedding photo shoots (or other groups that include festively dressed women) because those stiletto heels will bore holes into the ground.

    You may have noticed during the summer that the “movie hill” lawn was closed at least one day after an event to allow the grass to recover.

  • http://www.hillsidedogs.org Matthew Parker

    I also notice that following rain, BBP ops closes the lawns with poles and chains. It’s well establshed in most parks that activity like sports following a rain when the ground is till wet damages lawns compared to dry ground.

  • tb

    This is, hands down, the most ludicrous post ever on BHB.

  • my2cents

    I bet those rented limos were parked in the bike lane, too….

  • Monty

    @tb, this is Brooklyn Heights Blog you know. Locals are concerned about how public money is being spent in their neighborhood. Yes, it’s not a huge issue, but if no one complains it will never get fixed. What exactly would you rather we discuss here?

  • hicks st guy

    @monty, what do you propose, pave the gravel for wedding parties? stop complaining and get a life!

  • tb

    @Monty, I get that the gravel is causing problems but to connect it to people who decide to stand in it with heels on is absurd. Again, there are real problems in the world. This just paints us as a bunch of affluent whiners.

  • Heightser

    Maybe Great Wall caters weddings?

  • nabeguy

    I agree with tb. Hasn’t this discussion already been dis-graveled?

  • Heather Quinlan

    I’m just glad people no longer think my “Tyra Banks at Iris Cafe” post was the most inane ever.

  • cat

    @bkre: you need a new measuring stick.

  • Obama?

    This blog is indeed pertinent to those of us who believe walkways should not be paved with pebbles.

    @bkre: I see 1 or 2 inch heels at most. Only a real heel would say those are 6-inch stilettos.

  • T.K. Small

    @Nabeguy – Thanks! I almost feel guilty that BOE, executive director, George Gonzalez got the ax yesterday. For anyone interested, take a look at page 5 on the link below.


  • http://montaguestreetjournal.com Ace

    Actually those heels would aerate the grass and be good in the long run.