Brooklyn Heights Decked Out in Halloween Decor

Brooklyn Heights is getting into the Halloween spirit! Check out the neighborhood’s spooky decor. Many more photos after the jump.

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  • Hay Fever

    Look, I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I’ve seen a lot of hay out and about in the neighborhood and frankly it worries me a bit. An errant cigarette butt or a malicious teen could easily light one of these bails on fire. Close quartering of homes makes this a pretty dangerous situation. I’m a bit surprised they allow this set up, out in the open. Happy Halloween everyone! (I’m fun at parties too)

  • Heydowner

    Hey Downer. A dangerous situation, huh? Were you aware that potting soil is known to spontaneously combust?! Perhaps you should start a petition to have all potted plants be yanked from the neighborhood hazmat teams. Gimme a break, will ya? Hay bails are not even a known fire hazard, why else would farmers be likely to sell them decoratively this time of year? So take the time to do your research before worrying next time. Happy Halloween to you!

  • ClarknHenry

    Hey Downer… I’m gonna have to side with Hey Fever on this one. Maybe it’s because I saw one of those idiots from the St. George dorm set fore to a whole box of flattened cardboard boxes on the corner of Clark and Henry at 3am three Saturdays ago. There were flames licking the bottom of the trees within seconds. Then Fire Dept. came and put it out.

    They should send those miscreants to someplace where they can scream on the street in the middle of the night and throw their litter down to their selfish hearts’ content.

  • my2cents

    Looks like there will be a lot of people dressed as trolls this halloween….

  • nabeguy

    A word to the wise about the hay…keep it dry. Bought a stack two years ago and, besides making my porch look like a cross between Petticoat Junction and Stew Leonard’s, it absolutely reeked after having rotted for two weeks after some rain.

  • cat

    Who are the miscreants that smashed up the pumpkins on Joralemon St. last night? Saw them all over the sidewalk this a.m.–between Henry and Hicks.