NY Daily News on Columbus Park(ing)

The NY Daily News reports on the continuing drama that we like to call "The Thing Where Folks Complain About Judges and Their Minions Parking in Columbus Park":

NY Daily News: Secretaries, Law Clerks…: "It shows there is a lot of room for belt-tightening there," added Brooklyn Heights Association Executive Director Judy Stanton, who has pushed to get all 50 or so cars out of the park.

In 1999, judges allegedly promised to move their cars to a garage at the new courthouse at 330 Jay St. when it opened in 2005.

But they have more recently argued it is unsafe and inconvenient for judges who preside over divorce and foreclosure cases to park in the new Criminal Court garage and make the six-minute, two-block trek to Civil Court.

"They can't walk two blocks to a garage, but they all walk to Queen for lunch," quipped one insider, referring to a well-known Court St. Italian restaurant.

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  • happyheightsresident

    there are many issues in this arguement, yes we need more parking and are choked by the condos and garage closure but the bigger issue is that the judges, officals……….etc should be parking in the designated garages which THEY should be paying for………if there’s any future in resolving traffic congestion and parking issues is that there’s a need for uniform social and finanicail responsibility for the cost of driving an automobile not that we pay and the ” holy ” judges shouldn’t be paying and can park where ever and when ever

  • anon

    Ever noticed all the illegally parked cars on Remsen, Clark and Henry Streets with police plagues or MD license plates, barely ever getting a ticket?

    I can\’t even unload my car without risking a ticket and they park illegally for days/nights. I pay for parking, why cant they?