How ‘Bout That Burning Smell?

We know now that the burning smell wafting over Brooklyn Heights last night came from a Jersey City junkyard fire.  But that didn’t stop me and Baby Fink  from thinking that the entire neighborhood was on fire during our 4am feeding (which is just an extension of the midnight feeding… can I get a witness, parents?).  Apparently we weren’t alone in our paranoia as BHB reader Lois writes:

I should have taken a picture of the people wandering around Columbia Heights around 3 AM this morning due to the burning smell coming from the south. It was a strange toxic smell that almost reminded me of nine eleven. A call to the local 84th precinct (718-875-6811 – keep that number in your head to avoid calling 911) – told us that the smell was coming from a fire in a “tire factory” in New Jersey. They also had a patrol car circling around the neighborhood to tell anyone out and concerned the reason for the smell.

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  • bornhere

    The smell was inescapable, and sleep was a no-go with all the sirens– it seems that, in addition to responding to actual fires, FD was kept very busy overnight going to reports of the smell of smoke in the area. The Jersey event completely overpowered the smell from a garbage can that was blazing on Henry and Joralemon at the same time. This is the second time in a few weeks that a garbage can on this corner has been in flames. (PD put the fires out both times.) Odd doings.

  • AEB

    As posted previously, I awoke at 4:00 AM and thought there was an electrical fire in either my apartment or building.

    Having lived through a previous fore of the sort, I was instantly adrenalized–and began sniffing around the apartment like a dawg.

    Finally returned to bed where I lay, sleepless, past dawn. Glad to hear that the prob wasn’t local!.

  • Arch Stanton
  • Parris

    I was awaken the wee hours of this morning, from the burning smell, i looked around the apartment, then I realized it was coming from out side, I went out on the terrace, 20th fl Flatbush, heard the fire engines. The smell was like electrical.

  • nabeguy

    Welcome to 2001. Fortunately, this fire was put out a lot quicker.Nine years ago today, that smell was still in the air after my daughter was born on 10/15.

  • Reader Ad

    I live in Park Slope, and woke up at 2 a.m., thinking the heating fuel in my apartment building’s boiler was burning (like it did last December). I called 3-1-1 to let them know, and after being on hold for 10 minutes, the recording told me to “call back tomorrow,” but holy cats were the sirens crazy allll night.

    I texted my landlord telling him there was a problem – oops. But the smell was really friggin’ awful. Learned this morning that friends in Prospect Heights experienced the same crud. What a racket!

  • skunky

    everyone really needs to sign up for Notify NYC. I had a text and email at 3 am telling me why it was so smoky. it would eliminate a lot of unnecessary calls to the cops and tying up resources. plus, you get to find out things like the BQE being tied up or LIRR trains not running. quite useful.

  • AEB

    Enrolled in Notify NYC–thanks so much, Skunky!

  • Arch Stanton

    Thanks skunky

  • gail

    Did anyone find out if the terrible 4 hours of fumes were toxic?

  • 失眠怎么办

    失眠怎么办 睡觉是我的奢望了,谁能救救我

  • BigDave

    Someone want to explain what that last post is?

  • Claude Scales

    Babel Fish gives me this translation: “How lost sleep manages sleeps is my wild hope, who could rescue me”.

  • AEB

    Google says:

    “How to do sleep insomnia is my wish for, who can help me”…

    Some obviously the poster, whose tag is “Insomnia how to do,” is inquiring about possible remedies for insomnia…

  • Claude Scales

    Having acrid fumes seep into your bedroom in the wee hours is certainly not a cure for insomnia.

  • Pigamuff

    Once again, Jersey, I must thank you for finding new ways of increasing my risk for some horrible form of cancer. If inhaling carcinogenic fumes in bed at 4am is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  • Brooklyn Girl

    I totally woke up thinking there was an electrical fire in the apartment. Walk all around and then finally opened a window and realized it was coming from outside.