Now Open: New Busy Chef on Court Street

Busy Chef on Court StreetA few days ago, the papers came down in the windows and Busy Chef officially opened its new location on Court Street. The front of the store serves as a coffee bar, while the back room has refrigerated units for their prepared foods, and a handful of tables for downtown workers to sit and enjoy a sandwich. The offerings looked pretty similar to what is available at the Henry Street location. While the Chef is now open for business, there unfortunately is still no movement on the supposed Boar’s Head storefront at Court and State.

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  • Beavis

    These places must be laundering money. The food is not just medocre, it’s pretty terrible.

  • Chris

    I only tried Busy Chef once. Got a Buffalo Chicken wrap. Worst thing I ever had.

  • bob

    so true… so true…

    though, have to admit, tried blue pig again recently — better than i remembered from a year ago.


    yes, i do happen to enjoy the ice cream at blue pig. but oven and especially busy chef? NO. THANK. YOU. i’m still dumbfounded as to how they 1) managed to stay open on henry street and 2) how dan managed to fool people into thinking he’s the real deal…

  • anna

    busy chef employs too many minorities that’s why i do not like them


    wow, i knew busy chef’s dan was a tyrant but anna – you too?

  • anna

    well he employs blacks in his shops


    who cares? as long as someone is honest and hardworking, it shouldn’t matter what color their skin is or where they were born or what language they speak. someone of the greatest cooks and restaurant workers in the entire city are ‘minorities’.
    you’re the same bigot who posted about there being too many ‘blacks and homeless in the neighborhood’ under the ‘Bad Sign?’ posting, aren’t you…?


    although now that i think about it, dan is about as white as they come, yet he is neither honest NOR hardworking and his businesses are supposedly ‘thriving’…go figure.

  • Of No Concern

    Dan manages to fool people because he has at least two acquaintances who “vouch” for him, who he lists as references or as former associates or from wherever he claims to have worked. This is how he operated in Vermont, and it is how he operated in Boston. Anyone who digs further into past will find out he’s almost pathological with his lying.


    what does the color of a persons skin have to do with anything ? or their religion ?


    thank you, samantha. i was hoping someone would back me up on this one! i think anna needs a reality check.

  • Peter

    the place on Henry and Cranberry sucks ass !
    the food is terrible.

  • bornhere

    How can anyone think “anna” is for real? Either it’s a really insane attempt to start one of those agonizingly idiotic exchanges seen on any reader-driven blog, or the person is so demented, it’s a wonder he or she can actually navigate a keyboard. Why do people keep getting sucked into these things?

  • Charlie Sahadi

    None of you guys have apparently been inside to hear the good news …

    This won’t be any ordinary Busy Chef. They have a pizza oven in the back and plan to serve gourmet pies as well. It’s going to be a BC/Oven combo!


    just what the world needs…

  • anon

    Don’t knock Oven or the wine bar too much, they’ve actually improved quite a bit since they fired Chris. Give it another shot.

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    I agree anon, Wine Bar is a fun place to go and Busy Chef has some very good dishes, for example, the curry chicken. I challenge anyone to try the curry chicken and tell me it isn’t delicious.

    Do I like all of the Busy Chef dishes, no, but there are plenty of tasty dishes at very good prices. How do I know, cuz I have tried most everything there unlike some of the critics who have tried one dish and written a good establishment off based on that one experience.

  • skinny237

    I tried to have lunch at the Busy Chef yesterday. It has a strange layout—-bakery in front and then a lot of self-serve food in the back. I really just wanted a sandwich, but not one that was pre-made. I looked through the menu and didn’t see pizza listed, but there were people walking out with pizza boxes and the employee told me that the pizza is new so it’s not on the menu. Isn’t the whole place new? Also, they charge $2.50 for a blueberry muffin. No thanks!

  • Nancy

    I eat at Oven at least once a wek. Service is great and the pizza is really good. I have had their salads, and main courses too, with them all being very good. Don’t understand the hate, especially coming from people who think that Noodle Pudding is the second coming. No thanks!!

  • HDEB

    Siggy’s, Noodle pudding and La Petit Marcherie (sp?) are, in my opinion the best resturants in the ‘hood. Try fish @ Siggy’s, escargot @ La Petit and Lasagna @ Noodle Pudding and you’ll be won over as well.

  • apita

    Pro: sandwich and a big salad for $5

    Con: sandwich is frozen and if you don’t get the sandwich/salad deal, everything else in the store is a rip off. i ate the smallest piece of cheesecake i’ve ever had in my life there the other day and it cost me $4.

  • mom

    Will someone pleeeease fill me in on the Busy Chef? I am a curious about who owns/manages/runs it, and how many exist under this owner? Thanks for any help provided.

  • Spy in the Making

    This guy Dan has to be stopped. It turns out I’m not the only one who was overcharged by well over $1,000 on my credit card for a pizza and drinks. He pays his employees with bounced checks!!! How could he get away with it??? Why hasn’t he been arrested for writing a trail of bounced checks all over the place?

    Who is this guy? What business did he operate in Vermont? I’m ready to blow the whistle on his ass! I want him out of this neighborhood. We deserve better and so do his employees.

  • real talk

    to all the carin and concern people in brooklyn as of today busychef is under new management dan no longer works there stay tune for future info about the new and improve busychef p.s. dan was never the owner or partner just a manager

  • Sharon

    The court st. store has the best coffee I’ve tasted in a long time that I didn’t make. Their coffee prices are dirt cheap, they give you syrups for free, and have a great selection. The cappuccino’s are AMAZING, and for $2.75 a large, not bad. $0.75 a small coffee.

    BTW they have a REALLY nice patio in the back with tables to sit at, they don’t encourage or publicize it enough.

    I didn’t know you could get something for less than a dollar in this neighborhood besides nasty street vendors!