The Pipes, the Pipes Are Calling….

If you heard the skirl of bagpipes wafting along Montague Street this afternoon, you would have found the piper stationed by the entrance of the Casino, greeting guests arriving for the reception following the wedding of Emily Grant and Matthew Turner, who earlier exchanged vows at the Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helen, on Schermerhorn Street. The bride is the daughter of Brooklyn Heights residents James Grant and Dr. Patricia Kavanagh. The bride and groom are both captains in the Marine Corps, and met while both were serving in Iraq, which explains why The Marines Hymn was part of the piper’s repertoire.

Update: According to the Times story, the groom’s parents, Irene Turner and Dr. Clyde Turner, also reside in the Heights, are friends of Mr. Grant and Dr. Kavanagh, and the two couples live just a block and a half apart. Nevertheless, Captains Grant and Turner never met until they were both stationed at the same post in Iraq. Thanks to reader “heightsmom” for the tip.

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  • jd

    Do they hold wedding receptions there? We live nearby and have been hearing loud dance music all evening.

  • lori

    Claude – Thanks for posting this. I was wondering whose reception was being held at the Hts Casino on Montague Street – I have never seen No Parking Sunday signs posted for a wedding reception. Also, they had installed a ramp on Saturday to allow easier access for disabled people and there was a police officer posted across the street!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    James Grant is one of my heroes from the Wall Street Community. In fact, he made the “Notable Brooklyn Heights Residents “video with the theme music from James Bond movies.

    Get it, James Grant is an expert in Bonds, ergo James Bond.

  • Montagueresident

    Yeah–I was wondering who you have to pay to get No Parking restrictions for a wedding reception on a Sunday on a holiday weekend. Does anyone know? DId they have No Parking restrictions at the church too? This does not seem right to me especially since I live and park in that block.

  • north heights res

    Sort of incredible that a private–exclusive!–organization can take over a street for parking. I drove back into town last night around 10:30, and got lucky enough to arrive just as the big limo taking up multiple spots pulled out. I pulled in, saw the signs, and asked the police officer across the street if I could park there (the signs said “No Parking Sunday”), and he told me to ask the people at the Casino?

    Really? Ask the Casino if it’s OK to park? Sheesh.

  • WhatThe

    Noblesse oblige?

  • ABC

    Jim Grant is a big deal. There’s every possibility that some guests were people who travel with government-issued security. I’m not sure how things are working in the post-9/11 world but it’s not impossible that they take measures when people like the head of the NYSE and that crowd travel.

  • heightsmom

    Instead of being so unhappy about the parking. You might want to enjoy the story of some very giving local residents.

  • nabeguy

    A true Brooklyn union.

  • north heights res

    Being unhappy about the parking does not preclude happiness for them, though as I don’t know them, I have not given much thought to their happiness.

    It does, however, seem the Height of selfish entitlement to block off a whole street on a holiday weekend for one’s own pleasure. Makes one wonder how “giving” one has to be to get that particular little perk.

  • epc

    It’s perfectly legal if one goes through the permit process, no different than a block party or the extremely infrequent legal film shoots in Brooklyn Heights & DUMBO.

  • Arch Stanton

    An interesting anecdote about the Heights Casino:
    The father of a close friend, who is a prominent neighborhood professional, tried to join the Casino back in the late 50’s. He was denied membership because he is Jewish… Then in the 90’s, he received an invitation from the casino asking him to join… You can imagine the letter he sent them…

  • Henry

    What is really so nice to read about the story is that you have two selfless individuals who have duty, honor and country as their priorities instead of chasing the dollar.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    I doesn’t sound like they need to “chase the dollar”