Open Thread Wednesday 9/29/10

BHB photo by C. Scales

Wasssup?! Comment away!

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  • justaneighbor

    CONGRATS to all – especially to some of our neighborhood favorites: Frankie’s 457, Jack the Horse, Char No. 4, Prime Meats, Good Fork, Buttermilk Channel..

    Although, I would have loved to see Bocca Lupo get its’ due on this list.

  • AAR

    Great list! On a somewhat related topic — What’s the story on the letter grades. Some local BH places have the “A” on display and still many have no letters. Does anyone know if all restaurants have been inspected and how long they have to put up their letter?

  • Dave

    So many stations on the 2/3 line have working displays that show how much longer before the next train comes. Anyone know when Clark and Borough Hall will get theirs working?

  • AEB

    Not to be crabby–or crabbier than usual–but only ONE of the restaurants mentioned in in BH.

  • harumph

    @AEB this is a surprise to you because a.) you think more deserve it? or b.) you think the nabe should be better represented. Personally I’m still waiting for some decent restaurant choices in the nabe (although I do like Jack the Ho)…I would be surprised if they DID get more than one.

  • justaneighbor

    AEB, I consider anything in Bo/Co/Ca to be “our neighborhood”. Part of the charm of living here is that I can walk or take a train for a few minutes and have amazing selections without having to go into Manhattan if I so choose.

    There are far too many mediocre restaurants in the Heights (other than JTH). If you don’t go a few minutes outside of your doorstep, you’re missing out.

  • AEB


    1) No, not surprised; surprise wasn’t an issue;

    2) I realize we’re a small community, so it would be unlikely in any case for the nabe to get more than one mention;

    3) The “thrust” of my response had to do, rather, with the notion, as expressed by justaneighbor, that various restaurants that clearly belong to OTHER neighborhoods can be considered part of ours. For example, I’ve walked to Frankie’s from my north Heights apartment and it took me a half-hour. I wouldn’t consider a West Village restaurant, for example, part of my neighborhood if I lived on the Upper East Side, say, so why should I etc, etc.

    4) I’ve just devoted an amazing number of brain cells to composing this–and undoubtedly so have you in reading it, dear BHB faithful. Sorry!

  • Lauren

    Can anyone recommend a good acupuncturist in the area? Thanks!

  • Intheheights

    I can not come to terms with the levels of mediocrity that exist in the ‘hood when it comes to dining. Blows my mind – I would expect that the demand would be there to raise the bar some. Regardless, a hats off to JtH for being an A in a sea of C-/D+’s.

  • Alanna

    Agreed with @Intheheights – such mediocrity, Im baffled on where to take family and friends when they visit but “don’t want to really walk more than a few blocks”. Limited, limited, limited.

  • Peter

    I think Brooklyn Heights has three restaurants worth visiting often: Jack the Horse, Henry’s End, and Noodle Pudding. While I respect the opinions of those on here, not sure why our tiny hood gets THAT bad a rap for its eateries. Sure, they are not Le Bernardin or Babbo (and I love them both), but they fit in with the scheme of the neighborhood IMHO.

    For the record, I have yet to visit the River Deli, although I heard heard mixed reviews.

    PS, anyone been to Vinegar Hill House yet? Next on my list.

  • Hicks St guy

    I’ve never had a bad meal at Noodle Pudding, despite all the negative reviews I’ve read here. I usually go weekday evenings, early, maybe that’s why. And I love their fish dishes.

  • Monty

    I’m actually not a big fan of JtH. Food tends to be way too salty for me. I think there’s plenty of good, casual places in BH, if not top restaurants. Honestly, I don’t think I miss that kind of dining too much and I don’t think they would really fit with the character of the neighborhood. I’d be curious, which of those michelin places do you folks think could be transplanted to BH and be successful without clashing with the environment?

  • Subway

    What is happening with the R subway station at Clinton Street? On more and more occasions it smells like a public bathroom. I was at the machine refilling my Metrocard and was nearly overcome by the stench. I have lost count of the number of people (homeless and otherwise) I have seen relieving themselves on the platform or from the platform into the tracks. Most at rush hour! The rats have become more and more bold as well. Should complaints be called into 311 or is there some MTA number?

  • AL

    Am looking for a dentist and hygienist in BH or environs. Drs. Teen and Dressell and their hygienists have been recommended. Any comments pro or con either of these? Cost is of some concern.

  • Arts Lover

    Food, food, food. Enough. What about food for the mind? Any discussion of the Dumbo Arts Festival ( which was pretty cool and had a fairly large traffic flow from the Heights to Dumbo? I know it is outside Brooklyn Heights, but it is soooo close. Anyone catch “Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions” at Powerhouse Arena as part of the Arts Festival? You’d never get this in Brooklyn Heights and you’ll never believe what occurred at Powerhouse Arena bookstore. Apart from that, the street performances and artists were pretty amazing and the events were well attended, which was a surprise to me as I wasnt’ familiar with this event from years past.

  • EHinBH

    Blue Hill, Gramercy Tavern, and Gotham would all do well here once people knew to come. It’s crazy that Cobble Hill can have so many great places and we have so few. I think it’s because all the crap places make a ton during the lunch rush from the Court folks. If they were not there, all those places would be out of business.

  • DrewB

    Al – I’ve been going to Dr. Eric Last on Schemerhorn for several years. Best dentist I’ve had in ages.

    Peter – River Deli is great, they stumbled a bit the first week or so, but I have been 10+ times since they openned and and the last 9 were excellent. The owners are really nice, the food is great, the service is very good.

    Vinegar Hill house is very good. It can get awfully crowded and the waits can be long, but it is worth the hassle.

    A shout out to Breuklen (sp?) on Clinton. A newcomer to the hood that we have visited twice and it’s been very good both times.

    While I have long lamented the lack of good food in BH, the addition of River Deli, Breuklen, and soon to be opened locavore spot Colonie (I think?) on Atlantic bodes well for the future. Now if they’d start getting some of those upscale restaurants that were promised @ 1 Brooklyn Bridge, we’d be on to something.

  • Aisling

    @ ArtsLover: Too bad you are unfamiliar with the Dumbo Arts Festival from years past. What you experienced this past weekend was an anemic shadow of its former self. Sadly, the Dumbo Arts Center was unable to support the fair this year — too low on money, man power and will — and gave the reigns over to Two Trees, and boy did it show. In past years, the focus was on artists (mostly painters) in their studios. Sadly, the majority of them have been priced out and so most of the open studios were more commercial design oriented (furniture and home accessories). I found very few painters. The last couple of years the fair has become more street and retail focused and this year they added music and children/family events which, coupled with the mess of construction going on down there, was like navigating through hell. There was literally not one thing there this year that impressed us. We eventually fled and wound up at the Atlantic Antic, which was far superior and more engaging. It also smelled better. Hate to say it, but I think Dumbo might be over. Like really over. I’ve been hearing the same sentiment from all kinds of people who have been there recently and just ran away. Dumbo is like an assault on your every faculty.

  • Arch Stanton

    To me, the problem is not about a lack of good high-end restaurants in the hood. It’s about having so few good reasonable everyday restaurants in the hood.

  • Alanna

    @ArtsLover: was “Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions” the naked dance circle or what not? I was in reBar on Friday night after checking out the Jonathan Lethem book signing and the PR girl for powerHouse arena was telling me all abotu some naked dance event the next night.

    Do tell…

  • Lauren

    Yoga People Groupon FOR SALE! $35!

    Hi BHers,
    Back in June I bought a Groupon for 1 month of unlimited classes at Yoga People on Montague Street. I never used it and I’ve since relocated to Los Angeles (no snarky comments please!) I paid $45, but I’m selling it for $35 to a BH reader. Fine print: must be a new customer to Yoga People; must activate it by Dec 31st.
    If interested, email me directly at and we can work out details.

  • Claude Scales


    Sorry to lose you. Give my regards to Nick Danger.

  • John Sean

    Hi Heather, Where has the police blotter gone or has BH suddenly become crime free? I think not given the dodgy guy I saw hanging around Clark and Monroe last Saturday evening.

  • Jorale-man

    @Subway – I’ve noticed that too about the N/R station. It’s become unbearable. I have to hold my breath until I get to the middle of the platform. It’s happening all over the MTA now that they’ve cut their service personnel unfortunately (even as they still spend more on non-working digital displays).

    On a happier note, I’ll add my support for Henry’s End, Noodle Pudding and the Heights Cafe.

  • zorg

    The Irish coffee at Teresa’s is absolutely the best Irish coffee in the entire world. I start it as an aperitif and finish it for dessert. Only $6.

  • Heather Quinlan

    @John Sean I’d been playing cops and robbers with my dodgy friend on Clark and Monroe the last two weeks, but I’ll be back with stolen pocketbook stories on Tuesday.

  • Dumboed

    @Alanna-Google the art show title and you’ll find photos and video (not suitable for work) from the Spring 2010 Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions show in Dumbo (if I gave a link it might get someone in trouble). The show has nudity (not that there is anything wrong with that), though in that venue it’s usually in the books themselves and not live on a stage. I don’t imagine the Brooklyn Heights Library, or Barnes and Noble (or even BookCourt) will have this anytime soon. Not sure of the point of the event, and dancing is not part of the show, though the nudity is well understood. Any explanatory thoughts from the publicist?

  • since47

    AL – I’ll second the vote for Dr. Teen!

  • JoT

    I’m sorry, I’ll have to disagree with the Heights Cafe – it’s one of the worst restaurants I’ve ever eaten at. I’ve has the displeasure of dining there on several occasions, each time hoping it would be better than the last. No such luck. I’ve had rank shrimp, fishy scallops, close-to-raw burgers, mediocre salads, and runny eggs. Not to mention it’s completely and utterly overpriced for what comes out of the kitchen. I hate that it holds such quality real estate; it actually makes me mad that they’re always jam-packed (usually with tourists/people visiting the ‘hood on the way to the promenade/court house lunch crowd) as there seems to be no incentive for them to produce better food.

    Agree with the others who say there are no great, day-to-day restaurants in the ‘hood, outside the few already mentioned.

    Phew! And there’s my grouchy rant for the day. Must be the rain….