Time Out Surveys Brooklyn Heights

Time Out New York has a piece about the Heights as part of its “Own This City” series of neighborhood guides. Its summary is:

Brooklyn Heights is a peculiar piece of real estate among the five boroughs: a quiet, clean suburb with tree-lined streets and a wide-screen view of FiDi. Thanks to the perfectly preserved brownstones and soft sunlight, it feels a bit like the neighborhood time forgot.

Time Out then quotes several neighborhood residents and business owners concerning what they like best about the Heights. One of those quoted is BHB founder and publisher John “Homer Fink” Loscalzo, who recommends getting a haircut and a history lesson from Tom or Rocky at The Cutting Den in the Clark Street Station arcade. He also recommends playing bocce at Floyd NY, on Atlantic between Clinton and Henry, and taking friends, or just oneself, for a stroll on Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Update: Martina Parker, wife of BHB contributor Matthew Parker, is also quoted: “The architecture is beautiful and it feels, especially in the wintertime at night, like you’re stepping into the 19th or early-20th century.”

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  • nabeguy

    Wow. How amazing a job that Time Out has done in distilling our neighborhood down to its bare essence. And how lucky am I to have such a captivating view of the FiDi? Excuse me while I spit up in my mouth.

  • Matthew Parker

    Nice quote from Mrs. Parker!

  • http://www.PoetsUSA.com Dorothy Daniela Josephs

    Yes, the best of the Heights is still its human sized brown stone houses with their front yard gardens and The Promenade, NOT THE HIGH RISE DEVELOPERS trying to destroy the quaintness of The Heights. Down with over development. The city is too crowded with high rise developers bringing more population to smaller areas. The Heights is much more crowded and not a lovely as it was 40 years ago before high rise developers started over populating Montague St. with traffic jams and pedestrian jams. We need more Green Solutions, not over development. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is good, but where, pray tell, will all the cars go. The neighborhood is more clogged than ever with traffic. Bicycles are a good thing IF ONLY THEY WERE LICENSED AND MADE TO OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS. I nearly get hit by a bicycle going the wrong way or riding on the sidewalk or flying through a red light every day of the week. Common Mayor Bloomberg, start charging a small fee to license cyclists and MAKE THEM OBEY TRAFFIC LAWS AND HAVE LIGHTS AND WARNING BELLS for goodness sake. It’s ridiculous. Enforce traffic laws on cyclists!!!!!! For their safety and ours!

  • Macman

    Dorothy is PISSED OFF! Don’t want to cross her in a dark alley (between two high-rises).

    All kidding aside, I agree with Dorothy. I don’t think licensing bikes will have an impact but more divided/semi-baricaded bike lanes (not just painted bikeways, which get ignored by autos) and tickets given for bikers ignoring standard traffic rules would help everyone. I’m a biker by the way.

  • Alanna

    “FiDi”? ew.

  • George Earl

    I’ve been a resident of and a contributer to Brooklyn Heights for 40 years, and am pleased to see that the interest and support of we “proper residents” continues. However, fine friends, do be aware that lots of the questionable ones are taking to our sidewalks, and all too often sit-down places along them. Tourists? Fine. “Spare a dime” types? Getting too common a sight.

  • GHB

    “Spare a dime” types? Getting too common a sight.”

    What, this is news? If anything, I see fewer beggars in our neighborhood.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Beggars in our lovely neighborhood? How dare they! Have they not noticed the escalating property values? String them up!

  • Jorale-man

    Hmm, this is one of the strangest comments threads I’ve ever encountered on this blog.

    The homeless problem is not nearly as bad in the Heights as it is in many Manhattan neighborhoods. I’d say it’s much less of a problem than bikers going the wrong way on one-way streets, which as Dorothy succinctly pointed out, is the product of lax enforcement.

  • nabeguy

    According to Time Out, we all live in a neighborhood forgotten by time but apparently not by beggars. And speaking of forgetfulness does anyone recall that we happen to be in the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression? I’m not sure exactly what a “proper resident” refers to, but I’d like to think that it’s someone who can not only thank their lucky stars at being able to live in this neighborhood, but also has the generosity of spirit to contribute to those that aren’t as fortunate.

  • Nancy

    Umm, what’s FiDi? Guess I’m not up on the lingo…
    Fresh Direct? FDR Drive?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Nancy: it’s “financial district”.

  • David on Middagh

    Oh, rats. I thought we had a view of Fillis Diller.