Brooklyn Bridge Rehab Update: Some Good News

Closure of Manhattan-bound lanes at night will continue through this coming Sunday, September 26, but after that, there will be no night lane closures until further notice. In other words, starting Monday, September 27, traffic will flow in both directions on the Brooklyn Bridge 24 hours a day (although single lanes may be closed occasionally during daytime hours) for a period that is expected to last for several weeks. After that, the normal schedule of closures to Manhattan-bound traffic will resume.

During the month of October, you may see technicians suspended on ropes along the sides of the Bridge’s towers. They will be inspecting the condition of the stones and mortar joints. This work will be done between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. When necessary for safety, flaggers will divert both pedestrian and bike traffic to one side or another of whichever tower is being inspected. For pedestrians, this will have the benefit of forcing bike traffic to slow down, at least temporarily.

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  • north heights res

    Excellent news, and thanks for passing it on. And while I recognize the need to get the work done, the sublime experience of walking/running over the bridge is sooooo diminished by the big plates that block the view. How many more years?

  • AAR

    Claude — Many thanks for staying on top of the BB closings — a wonderful community service!


    Well at least getting a cab late at night back to Brooklyn will be temporarily be easier.