Vandals Hit Grace Church

Nabe blogger Instaputz breaks this disturbing news on the heels of today's other vandalism: 

Instaputz: At Least…: The local cops got a call this morning about vandalism [possibly related?] at Grace Church. My shutterbug correspondent snapped these pics of the investigation — which occurred this evening — and avers that the culprit is into European occultism.

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  • nicky215

    Yes there is hate and lots and lots of anti-semitism. ITS CALLED ANTI_SEMITISM

  • Billy Reno

    These Satanists need a serious hug.

  • Cranky

    lol Billy.

  • nabeguy

    As if neo-Nazis aren’t bad enough, now we’ve got occultists too. Everybody lock up your goats and stock up on garlic. Kind of makes the JW’s look extremely tame now, doesn’t it?

  • anon

    Some see satan, I see chinese checkers.

  • bornhere

    Too soon and all, but … anon, that was funny.

  • jake

    isn’t chinese checkers played in a hexagram?

    either way, it’s funny how everyone FREAKS OUT when there is are certain types of graffiti, but not other types.