Three Entrances of Moxie


The Moxie Spot [81 Atlantic Avenue] has installed a cool door offering three sizes of entrance – adult, kid and pet.  No word on when the family fun restaurant will open.

photo via Apartment Therapy: Look! The Coolest Door in the Neighborhood 

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  • ts

    I’ve seen it open, but only for private parties. Not exactly the best way to drum up business.

  • bhbabe

    They did a free family dinner, one seating, on Saturday. I heard mixed reviews, but wish them luck!

  • lifer

    I was told by local plumbers, they just got their gas turned on recently (last week), can’t cook without gas..I’m sure they’ll be open soon

  • Remmy

    I am fascinated. The menu is a mix of American and Asian dishes. Given the exploding number of half-white, half-Asian children roaming around the Heights, this concept can’t fail!

  • GHB

    Every time there’s a new report of swastikas in BH (the most recent being the other day) I think “how does this happen here, in Brooklyn, in this day and age?” Then some bonehead like Remmy posts. Question answered!

  • thepeachtree

    I love that there’s a handle on the pet door.

  • your_neighbor

    i celebrate mixed-race heritage and menu diversity.

    unfortunately racism is everywhere, bh included…

  • Jason

    There is a sign on the door that says they will open on the 10th.

  • Kid!

    Hi everyone!
    I am ten years old, and I just went to The Moxie Spot this evening. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay. First thing, THE DOOR! (Door=doors. Because there are THREE doors to The Moxie Spot, all different sized. The big one (for adults) the medium on (for kids) and the tiny tiny tiny one (for pets/dolls/imaginary friends who are the size of my finger)

    Then there is the food. It is really good – I recommend the sesame noodles or the Fettucine Alfredo) There is lots of pastries and deserts, as well as salad and other stuff. They have a really wide range of offerings.

    There is the ground floor, the upstairs, and the downstairs.
    It is really creative – lots of kids stuff, (just like the whole restaurant.)
    The upstairs: There are chairs/tables for people to sit and eat. There are LOTS OF LOTS OF LOTS OF LOTS OF kids toys up there. Even a FussBall thingy. As always, really amazing.
    The downstairs: Bathrooms. Sink. Thats all. Just joking! Well, actually… not just joking. It isn’t just a bathroom and a sink its REALLY COLORFUL! And the sink – awesome! Three taps. It is like the front door. One for pets, one for kids, one for adults. IT is sorta like a staircase.

    ALSO NOTE: There is a telephone thing on each floor, and you talk into it on each floor. No electricity, but if someone else puts the telephone on a different floor on their ear, they can hear what the other person is saying.

    There is lots of other stuff in this awesome, creative, did I say awesome?, kid-friendly,kid-friendly,kid-friendly,kid-friendly, and last of all, kid-friendly. Oh and I forgot to mention – kid-friendly!

  • hegelian

    Went to moxie tonight and was surprised. Thought it would be mediocre but kid friendly. I had 3 dishes – all asian and they were actually very nice, much better than the pan-asian fair in Park Slope. Also the Vegieburger my wife got was excellent, actually the best I’ve had anywhere. They evidently make it all there, nothing from a box or freezer. We’ll be back.

  • Owner’s Mother

    I love the Moxie Spot!


    The Owner’s Mother

  • cranberry

    i don’t know how to even begin to respond to the last three ccomments. what the f?

  • Owner’s Mother


    The comments from Owner’s Mother was an attempt as sarcasm.