Sad Panda Suicide in Brooklyn Heights?

Photo by Kylie

Reader Kylie sends us this photo of what appears to be Sad Panda suspended from a tree limb on Cadman Plaza West, near the High Street A/C subway entrance, taken this morning at around 7:00. Does anyone know anything about this?

Update: BHB tipster “REDACTED” sent us us a photo from another angle.  See it after the jump.

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  • Heights Mom

    That’s not Sad Panda, that’s just a giant stuffed panda.

  • nabeguy

    Not Sad Panda, but definitely a sad sight.

  • adam

    you guys beat gothamist to a sad panda story! lawdy.

  • Demonter

    Warped sense of humor….

  • T.K. Small

    Now we know why they are on the endangered species list!

  • George Earl

    With today’s economic news, who can blame him? I’m surprised that more Americans aren’t doing just the same thing. And where was that cutie manufactured anyway? I bet it just could be China.

  • my2cents

    Have you all overlooked that this may not be suicide, but a Panda lynching? Are the police investigating? In times of economic turmoil, anti-Panda sentiment always increases, and the number of anti-Panda acts (torching of bamboo groves, for example) is at a historic high. I urge a full investigation by the local police.

  • Rabble

    It was sitting outside St. Anne’s Warehouse all day on Saturday.

  • panda

    It looks like his suffering took a turn to the worse yesterday morning and he quickly passed…. once the garbage truck arrived @ 75 Henry.