Ivanov the Terrible Has Day in Court

The Brooklyn Eagle reports on pipe bomb/arsenal packin' suspect Ivaylo Ivanov's day in court for his admitted swastika spraying spree last year:

Brooklyn Eagle: Ivanov Quietly…: Ivanov, a 37-year-old Bulgarian immigrant, looked meek and even gentle, as he stood handcuffed and motionless in front of the judge. Dressed in a white-collared shirt, khaki pants and black overcoat, his thin face was clean-shaven, and his graying hair seemed fashionably messed up. He said nothing and only sighed once.

His public defender who was assigned to him from the Legal Aid Society entered his not-guilty plea on his behalf, and Ivanov was led out of the courtroom and back into jail. If convicted of the various criminal charges, he could be sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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