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Primary Election Coming Tuesday

This in from the Brooklyn Heights Association:

1) Tuesday, September 14th, is Primary Day.

Everyone who lives in Brooklyn Heights should vote! The welfare of our neighborhood rests with an active and aware citizenry because our elected representatives feel more accountable to the communities who vote in the greatest numbers.

If you need help locating your polling place, call the BHA office at
718-858-9193 or go to: and enter your street address.

2) The new voting machines are complicated. PLEASE, PLEASE attend a demonstration of the new machines this Friday, September 10th from 5-7 PM at St. Francis College in the Callahan Center,180 Remsen Street.

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  • Big Dave

    Anyone know of a website intro to these new machines for those unable to view the demo? We don’t want any hanging chads…

  • CFB
  • Quinn Raymond

    Strauss and Simon can count on my vote.

  • Obama?

    Why are electronic voting being utilized when some many irregularities have been reported with them?

  • Big Dave

    Thanks, CFB!

  • Quinn Raymond

    @ “Obama?”: There are a lot of different kinds of electronic voting machines. Optical machines (such as the ones that will be used this Primary) are actually pretty good because you can see a voter’s intent on the original ballot, and you have a paper-trail.

    These are far superior to the touch-screen systems that many other areas use.

    No system of voting, including the old mechanical machines, is tamper-proof. But the optical machines are the best system I know.

  • Obama?

    Thanks for the info Quinn Raymond, but with the Diebold voting machine fraud & Bush’s dubious wins in 2000 & 2004, I’m still leery of implementing more electronic voting so soon.

  • David on Middagh

    @Obama?: I will miss the old mechanical machines, and wish we could keep them. But I blame the 2000 election on Florida (they messed it up a century before, too, with a completely different system). I blame the 2004 election on The American People As A Whole.