No Parking On Clark St. – For Real?

A tipster just emailed:

I was wondering if those No Parking Signs posted over the Labor Day weekend on Clark St. were legit? They’re posted by the Educational Housing Services Inc. for dorm moving-in day. The signs are printed on blue paper with the words police department on them but no NYPD emblem or anything official. If these signs are indeed bogus I think the word should go out and EHS should be fined. Parking is already scarce for residences and to have them taking up Clark St. and part of Henry St. without going through the proper channels is shady to say the least.

We called the 84th Precinct and was told that’s handled by the Community Affairs Department, which is off today; a message was left with the EHS, but no word either way on the legitimacy of the signs. Anyone out there know?

Update: According to the 84th precinct, the signs are legit.

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  • north heights res

    I don’t know anything about their legitimacy, but I think that those signs have gone up, and been observed, on this weekend for years.

  • GAO

    The signs have been up intermittently the last few weekends as kids move into the dorms at the St. George. I think that they do have permission to post the signs from the NYPD, but the signs are meaningless. I’ve parked in open spots on Clark Street the last few weekends that the signs have been up. The police don’t enforce the no parking. There’s no way they can. The purpose of the parking restriction is to secure adequate spaces while students move into the building. The police can’t tell whether a car is parked there because you are moving in. I’ve not received, nor have I seen anyone else receive, a ticket. I’ve also not seen any cars towed.

  • justaneighbor

    We asked the doorman at the EHS building and he admitted that they put the cones/signs up to make it easier for the kids to move in and out. It’s not only Labor Day weekend, it happened last weekend as well. I understand their need, but they need to go through proper channels and respect the neighborhood more as they don’t need all the time/space they are trying to get on Clark St.

  • Roadify

    Yeah its always hard to tell if these types of signs are legit or not. I’d rather not risk it, so I just avoid those streets and look for parking elsewhere…

  • Chango

    Hardly a big deal. You have way too much time on your hands if your maintaining a blog about this neighborhood. Who cares?! Are there really a lot of people from this neighborhood reading this?!

  • nabeguy

    Chango the channel if you don’t like what you’re seeing. Otherwise, make like a remote and mute yourself so the rest of us can enjoy the show.