Open Thread Wednesday 2/13/08

Plenty of stuff to talk about this week:

Busy Chef Empire!

135 Joralemon price falling…falling…. 

Got game

Brooklyn Bridge Park really

… and whatever else is on your mind…. and how about some "love" dedications?

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  • weegee

    I think there should be a licensing/aptitude test procedure before you’re allowed to operate the elevator at the Court St. Station on the M/R line during the morning rush.

  • yo

    and if you’re going to stand right in the front of the elevator, you’d best haul some ass once those doors open. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just missed a train because someone standing in the front of the elevator took their sweet time heading down to the platform while blocking everyone else…..

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    to the woman with the salt and pepper hair (it a will ferrell type of ‘fro) who gets off the 2 train around 7:35 each night and tsk tsks anyone who hits the “up” button … I say A POX ON YOU!

  • Remmy

    Aside from Open Thread Wednesday at this fantastic blog, is there any other spot on the interwebs where heights folks get together to chat? I tried the google, but just found a load of dead yahoo groups and some less popular blogs. If there isn’t any definitive location, may I humbly suggest that there we create one? Either on this site, or using yahoo groups or something equivalent.

  • Homer Fink

    If the people really want boards… tell us!

  • yo

    i second the boards suggestion

  • Jen

    I don’t understand all of the people who get in the elevator and DON’T PUSH THE BUTTON. These elevators are not automatic, people. Don’t just stand in the back looking all confused about why you’re not going anywhere — the buttons need to be pushed!

  • Beavis

    Perhaps many Heights residents are used to have their elevator buttons being pushed by others. You know what they say about being an elevator operator–it has it’s ups and downs.

  • EJC

    I think forums would be worthwhile

  • Elvis III

    A board would allow us to have a long thread devoted to elevator stories! I’m all for it!

    The elevator situation in the clark street station…ugh. I hate when people leisurely walk down the long hallway leading to the elevators after getting off of the train, but when the door starts to close and they still haven’t made it halfway down the hall, they yell for it to stop. Seriously, if you walked a little faster to begin with I would have held the elevator…but you didn’t…do wait for the next elevator.

  • Eric

    I submit that, during rush hour at the clark or court street stations, it is actually rude to hold the elevator for someone lagging behind, because it is highly likely that many more people are waiting on the other floor for your elevator.

  • Lifer

    I like the idea of boards.
    I also think that anyone under 60 that has to take an elevator as opposed to walk up a few flights is lazy Then again, After going to high school on the subway, and working in the city for years, i secured the fact I would never have to take the subway at rush hour again.

  • nabeguy

    At Clark St., it’s more than a few flights of stairs. With all the turns and turds you encounter on on the way, it’s definitely a trip through Dante-land.

  • bornhere

    There should also be “No Lunging for the Elevator,” “No Pressing the Button [at the elevator bank] the Second the Doors Close,” “No Being So Damn Oblivious That Your Backpack (Girth, Sleeve, whatever) Keeps the Doors Open,” and “No Teeth Sucking No Matter What Happens” rules. And at Montague R/M, it would be nice if the elevator buttons actually were responsive enough so that, when the “close door” (you’re on your own to decide which is front and which is rear) button(s) is pushed, it actually works. How many times have you been trying to go up or down and the doors keep opening? It becomes some sort of semi-funny Marx Brothers/Otis Elevator skit.

  • Remmy

    I have to say though, the elevator doors at Court St are very aggressive. When someone jumps in, the doors pause, but don’t retract. The biggest pain is when the front doors close, then someone pushes the button on the back doors, then someone pushed the front door, etc. Back doors are for exiting only!

    And it seems that the boards idea has some traction. I think that phpBB is pretty much the de facto software for this if you want to host if yourself. This looks like a php/mysql/wordpress site, so you probably have all the prereqs to get it up and running.

  • Eric

    The person you describe is either lazy, or objects to the smell of months old shit and piss… either or.

  • lifer

    When I was 13 we used to go tagging in that stairwell, i guess i have fond memories of going up and down them (the spraypaint masking the smell of piss, of course). the whole scenario of people walking around underground during rush hour reminds me of cattle or sheep being herded, being a part of that for so long, i’m glad i am no more.

  • nabeguy

    Lifer, given your adolescent prediliction for bombing and tagging the subway, I suspect that your avoidance of the subway is not a personal choice but a mandate from the MTA. And you must have been doing some serious huffing to have fond memories of that stairwell. In 51 years, I’ve climbed it perhaps 6 times with my eyes half-closed and nose covered on each occasion.

  • No One of Consequence

    Is anyone else getting a rather strong solvent/turpentine smell out of their tap water?
    I first noticed it sometime today after 3pm and it seems worse now.

    Others in our building are reporting the same thing. Is it neighborhood or city wide?

    Called 311 and there are no alerts at this time.

  • cranberry

    I have been noticing a funny taste in my water..some kind of chemicals and I’ve noticed a bitter taste in my mouth….thought I was crazy..maybe I am….I live on cranberry street, where are you no one of consequence?

  • anon

    No, Cranberry you were right. You are crazy.

  • Count Blah

    Anon your level of douchery never ceases to amaze.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    To No One of Consequence… Yes, I’ve been noticing that smell in the water on and off for over a year now.

  • No One Of Consequence

    A large bldg at Clark and Hicks.
    It’s a very peculiar and new smell just as of Friday afternoon. As far as I can tell isolated to our building (from asking around).
    If your water had it, you would know. Can’t be missed.
    I was a bit stuffed-up from a mild head cold and could still smell it.

  • Eastern Athletic Club?

    I used to belong to Eastern Athletic club on Clark about 9 years ago. I switched to NYSC, but am fairly disgusted with the noticable downturn in NYSC’s cleanliness, quality and escalating prices.

    I took a tour of Eastern Athletic today and was impressed with the renovation. Can anyone share their experience, good, bad, ugly, or positive about EA?

  • brooklynheightzer

    That smell on Friday night at 111 Hicks was pretty bad and from what I heard it came from some kind of toxic substance that got backed up in the boiler – looks like 111 Hicks is a time bomb. Anyone else have odor in the water in their building ?