Krogius: The Long and Winding Road of BBP

130_Renderings_Page_11.jpgHenrik Krogius has a great blow-by-blow retrospective on Brooklyn Bridge Park in the Brooklyn Eagle. Just reading it requires some carbo-loading and light training, but it looks like we might just have a park in our lifetime: 


Brooklyn Eagle: The Park Begins: Alarmed, the Brooklyn Heights Association said it would commission its own study of the piers, which took a while, but resulted early in 1987 with recommendations for maintaining maritime uses there and enhancing public access. Alarmed in turn by the prospect of lost revenue, the Port Authority presented a plan for condominiums all along the piers. Local worries grew about the view from the Heights Promenade. The Heights Association came back with a plan for an “American landscape” that would be called Harbor Park. (Inclusion of the DUMBO section was a much later idea, influenced by local political strife with DUMBO developer David Walentas.) The Port Authority adamantly opposed a park and stayed with its intent to sell the land for private development as late as 1996 (reneging on a 1993 agreement to transfer it to New York State). While the park idea enjoyed considerable community support, it also met a good deal of opposition, including from some who feared the kind of public a park would attract and thought it would become a “drug haven.”  [Full Story]

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  • Andrew Porter

    As I’ve commented elsewhere, the thought of major development at what is basically sea-level is fraught with possibilities, a lot of which are bad. From what I saw, the BBP is about 8-9 feet above mean high tide. This should protect it from most Nor’easters and some hurricanes, but NYC’s own disaster planning shows that in a Category 3 hurricane the Park will be flooded. And factoring in Global Warming, and sealevel rise, the BBG will likely be around for the rest of this century, but not much longer. If the choice is between defending this strip of green against rising waters or southern Brooklyn, which do you think will get the higher priority?