Man Cave Experts Open Store in DUMBO

Kristina Williamson via Racked

There was a time, friends, when the phrase “Man Cave” would have conjured up something entirely different from a guy’s rumpus room of solitude. We can thank the death of disco and DIY Network for that.

Now the design masterminds behind that show, John Marsala and  Becka Citron, have opened Modern Anthology in DUMBO featuring everything a Man Cave  needs.

Racked: Take the tufted, antique chesterfield in chocolate brown, which will run you about $3000. It’s gonna end up in a man cave, just more of a sophisticated, design-minded, book-lined, old-fashioned-cocktail-and-taxidermy man cave. Think Andy Spade channeling John Jacob Astor rather than Snoop Dogg channeling his bong.

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  • AEB

    Sorry–not butch enough for me. How about adding a stuffed mule head retrofitted with fins from a ’58 Plymouth and Ventioports? That also dispenses Rolling Rock and doubles as a pitching machine.

  • Arch Stanton

    Really, it sounds like they are confusing “old boys club” for “man cave”.

  • tb

    Wait.. overpriced pseudo antique yuppie decor? That’s never been done in this neighborhood.

  • my2cents

    Wait did you say Modern Anthology, or Men’s Anthropologie?

  • Heightsman

    Poor Artie….I hope his recover is going well. He looks terrible in this older video. Very self destructive.

  • tb


  • Ben

    I love the Man Cave. But why the hidden TV? Its a Man Cave why go to all of the expense to hide the flatscreen?

    My Man Cave is as nice and many of my furnishings are picked up on the street grabage can finds in Brooklyn Heights, and Westport, CT., and Port Washington, NY these towns have great garbage cast offs.

    I like Artie and all of the guys and the cocktail watresses. I look foward to visting this store – what street is it on?

  • Jim, a real man.

    This stuff is way overpriced! What real men would pay their prices for their goodwill type decor? I think the owners, one who is a female and the other who is clearly gay, need to search out real men first before claiming to cater to them.