Open Thread Wednesday 8/16/10

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  • Brian Kadar

    Brooklyn Heights Singer/Songwriter Amanda Kaletsky will be performing in the LES on Thursday night at 7:30PM.

    Karl, this is your chance!

  • AreaEater

    So happy to see all the A’s received by area eateries, including Fascatti’s and the Henry Street Alehouse!

  • Ginger

    We need to redo the front steps of our brownstone. Anyone have any recommendations for someone to do the work? Thanks.

  • Bongo

    I can’t believe the shed is down at the top of Tillary. Seriously, how long has that been there? It seems like an eternity.

  • GHB

    The sinkhole at the Clark Street entrance to the Promenade is sinking again! Nice fix!

  • Doug Biviano

    Wine and Cheese Fundraiser – Thurs. 8/19, 6:30 to 9 PM

    Please join us tomorrow at 169 Columbia Hts (bet. Pierrepont & Clark).

    We need your support to send a message to Albany and the NY Press.

    Children welcome. Contributions suggested but not required.
    Event rain or shine, it’ll be inside and out on our courtyard.

    RSVP helpful:!/event.php?eid=140265502677556

  • curious

    does anyone know the purpose of the aluminum siding being installed on the Brooklyn Bridge?

  • justaneighbor
  • my2cents

    How ironic! In Napoli, the purse snatchers ride the Vespas!

  • Claude Scales

    curious: as an almost daily bridge walker, I’ve noticed the siding, which obscures views to the north from the pedestrian and bike path. I’m sure this is connected with the repainting and repair work that is just getting underway, see here.

  • Remsen

    Was just checking out the Phasing Plan for BBP (dated 3.1.10) to get a better understanding of what is opening next. Looks like the wine bar/ concession on pier 6 is (was) slated to open by summer 2010 as well as the extension down to the tidal pool. One suprise to me was that nothing else is scheduled to be opened in 2011 except for the rennovation of the existing Empire Fulton Park. Also surprising but not new is the high % of the park that is not yet funded. Piers 2,3 and half of 6. Pier 5, while funded, is not opening until spring 2012. I think the timing needs to be updated…also it seems that the narrow section of bike path that has yet to be covered in stones is not highlighted as a section that may open soon….

  • SidneyPlaceguy

    @Ginger –

    The guys who always were doing work on Sidney Place were (if I remember the name) Saenra (no typo – I think that’s how they spell it). I believe they did our re-brownstoning years ago.

    I tried to Google the name and it came up as a mason in an award winning renovation, but no other information. Perhaps they are no longer in business?

  • GHB

    Actually, it’s Saenrra

  • WillowtownCop

    Is anyone else as horrified as I am by the neon lights that change color all night in the new Envy Salon on Columbia Place? I also noticed that the owner felt free to park his car with Jersey plates on the sidewalk in front of the store for two straight days until I called some friends and had it taken care of. The Iris Cafe, the River Deli, and even the doctor’s office are good neighbors. I hope Envy figures it out soon too.

  • John

    Brooklyn heights featured on drug art blog…

  • jorale-man

    Remsen, I’ve noticed that too. It’s quite a long way from being completed (5 out of some 85 projected acres are complete so far). Would be nice if there was some rich person who’d sign their will over to the park developers to expedite things and get it complete. Otherwise, let’s hope that double dip recession stays far away.

  • lori

    GINGER – There’s a company I never heard of working on a house on Columbia Hts – their name is Joy. Everyone seems to think they are doing a terrific job. Saenrra has been around a long time and is recommended. Also – Edson.

  • bklyn20

    Jorale-man and friends, the park is not 85 acres. It is app. 65 acres of terra firma.

    The BBPDC counts the WATER acres in order to make the cost per acre look lower. Because, let’s face it, except for the odd Vitamin Water bottle dropped from a kayak, the water acres are not high-maintenance. The park’s costs are actually much higher per acre when the water areas are removed.Thus my frequent rants on bloated costs and budget.

  • joralemonstreet

    I am a long-time renter on Joralemon Street, who is interested in buying a one bedroom apartment in the neighborhood. I have never owned a home before. Can anyone recommend a real estate agent? Anyone to avoid? Thanks!

  • Monty

    @joralemonstreet, don’t sign up with a broker. Your loyalty will not pay off. Just educate yourself on coop/condo purchasing and browse and read

  • jorale-man

    I agree with @Monty, I bought a place in the Heights not that long ago and never used in a broker in my search. is another good site in addition to the ones mentioned above. Good luck!

  • Sebastian Flyte

    Jorale-man: I went through several brokers looking for an apartment in Brooklyn Heights and found most of these people to be one step above a used car salesman in terms of honesty.

    Then I met Nancy Giddins, who is with Brown, Harris, Stevens on Montague. I liked her a great deal.

    Good luck to you on your search!

  • joralemonstreet

    Thanks guys. Your points are all well taken.
    Call me crazy, but I held out hope that I could find one agent/broker who acted like a professional.