Open Thread Wednesday 1/30/08


Tons of stuff to discuss this week including:

Nightmare on Court Street II: The Response

Bossert for sale, how much will it go for? Who will move in?

Ivanov the Nerf Hurter: Arsenal revealed 

Marty Connor gets some competition from a "kid" — is change comin'? 

.. and whatever else is on your mind. Comment away!

Flickr photo of Bossert Hotel chandelier by Frank Reyes

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  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    Did anyone notice today that their are electricians and other workers active in the large rental space on the street level of the St. George on Henry? Is it possible, after all these years, that someone may have expressed interest? Large space that has been vacant for ages.

  • Bert Rolo

    Why do all the Corner of Cranberry joints serve “kobe beef”. Isn’t that an outdated food trend?

  • Jingles

    Can someone please tell me what to do with cans and bottles? I hate people going through my garbage to pull them out for a lousy 5 cents a piece.

  • T.K. Small

    At least when your bottles and cans are collected you know that they will be recycled. In my building I have the feeling that almost everything goes into the regular garbage.

  • Eric

    Im less concerned about them going through my bottle and can recycling and more concerned about them going through my paper recycling. Identity theft, anyone?

  • bornhere

    Stanley — Do you mean Clinton and Montague? I recall thinking, when the scaffolding first went up, that I could not remember ever having had to walk in the street to navigate scaffolding before. But, I do think there’s a “Sidewalk Closed” sign, maybe for liability — or smart — reasons; I’m just too lazy (and living on the edge? :) to actually cross the street. It is odd, though.

  • bkbs

    Also incredibly annoying that on many mornings, you can’t get down the sidewalk on the west side of Clinton because of the scaffolding, and you can’t get down the sidewalk on the east side because Rite Aid’s got a conveyor belt to accept deliveries. There’s no choice but to walk in the street.