No Snitching for 101 Clark Street Shooting Victim

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that the 28 year old shooting victim attacked August 1 in front of 101 Clark Street is not cooperating with police. The paper says that despite extensive injuries –including two bullets still lodged in his spinal-cord region — the victim, whose name has not been released, is refusing to tell cops about his “probable assailants”.

While this scenario may be difficult for some to understand, it is an issue that law enforcement has been grappling with for several years starting in 1999. The “Stop Snitchin’” movement gained momentum in Baltimore six years ago when a homemade DVD, featuring NBA star Carmelo Anthony, was released. Today, social networks like MySpace and Facebook have scores of groups dedicated to the subject.

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  • KG

    As in domestic violence, child abuse and other violent crimes, the victims are in fear of their lives and the life of their family members too! Unfortunately, to have such a low self esteem to want to fit into any gang, group, or organization that encourages those persons to sway away from justice, is sending wrong messages and giving the bullies, thugs or criminals empowerment! Sorry, there is good and bad in all walks of life, but the right road to walk is on the right of justice, taking things legally to the courts. Allow the police to do their jobs, even they too, are frustrated at the injustices the court system perpetrates. The police may make hte arrests, it’s the courts, juries, judges and lawyers that allow plea deals, and for the violent, most times, repeat offenders to walk, and terrorize their victims.
    If the laws were enforced, thugs arrested are given the harshes sentences allow by law, and no parole hearings, that they have to serve their sentences to the max, then perhaps, justice would be served and those criminals would think twice before committing violent crimes!
    Say no to the “No Snitching” tactics, be bold enough and allow the law to do their jobs! Give up those violent criminals, when they are alone, they’ll run the other way from their prey, but in a group, the cowards are bold! Give them up!!! Would you like ot see your loved one becoming victim of these thugs? Just think, by not giving them up, you’re just as bad as the criminal and are obstructing justice!

  • Obama?

    Mr. Fink, there is another school-of-thought that the “snitching system” is extremely corrupt & out-of-out of control.

    Perhaps the victim in this case is an accomplished hoodlum taking the 5th Amendment or something?

  • Kim G

    I was born and raised in Baltimore. Had to laugh when I saw my hometown mentioned above. The funny thing is that I feel safer in Brooklyn