Restaurants Face Report Cards

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mcbrooklyn recently pored through the Health Department’s new letter grading system and posted this handy summary. It’s worth checking out, but I’ll also summarize the summary after the jump.

Not all restaurants have received a letter grade yet but the Health Department is steadily rolling them out—Fascati’s, for example, got an A. Teresa’s needs to clean up its act to maybe get a C; and along with chicken tenders and cheesecake, Junior’s dining experience features live rats.

Other reports include stellar performances from the Clark St. Restaurant and Iris Cafe; and evidence of mice and roaches at Lassen & Hennings.

For more information, check out the Restaurant Inspection Guide from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The Times also has an article on the new grading system, featuring two opposing viewpoints.

At the Queens workshop, Anna Nikopoulos, owner of Pete’s Cafe in Bayside, complained that “they are trying to implement too much here in a recession.”

But Sarvjit Singh, owner of the Sohna Punjab restaurant in Bellerose, said he had no worries about maintaining a clean restaurant. “I tell my chef he should be cooking as if he were eating that food,” he said.

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  • brooklynheightzer

    One general point – you can certainly rely on a bad grade (lots of violation), however, good grade may carry a shade of suspicion due to corruption, inconsistent inspection, etc.. Some of the good grade suspects (from my experience) are: TRIPOLI RESTAURANT(2), IRON CHEF (7)

  • Matthew Parker

    Speaking of pizza, the WSJ is reporting that somehow the owner of Grimaldi’s is behind on his rent, taxes and fines (???).

    He’s likely going to be evicted by his fed up landlord. Where the hell is all that cash going? Bada-bing!