NY Sun: Were Bombs Meant for Synagogues?

ivan.JPGThe NY Sun reports that the NYPD is investigating whether Ivanov the Terrible's pipe bombs were meant to be used on the synagogues of Brooklyn Heights. As previously reported, Ivanov has confessed to being the person who scrawled swastikas and anti-semitic phrases on synagogues here last year:

NY Sun: Police Investigating… : Penny Kaufman, who lives downstairs from the two men and who accompanied police to the apartment on Sunday when they first found the pipe bombs, said she was shocked to hear that Mr. Ivanov was connected to the anti-Semitic incident.

"He seemed like your average punk kid, but that thought never crossed my mind, and I'm saying this as a Jew," Ms. Kaufman said. "I'm aghast."

Police were looking into whether Mr. Ivanov had any ties to terrorists, but officials said yesterday that he seemed to fit the typical description of a hate crime perpetrator: a young white man acting alone.

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  • Sam

    I do not think he intended to use them for fishing as he told police. The residents of this house are so lucky that he shot himself rather than blow himself up. I would advise the coop’s Board of Directors to start the legal process asap to take back the propietary lease. Unless they do this, the docotr and Ivan will be back in residence in no time. They should on no account let the doctor stay in residence. Next time he buys an apartment and rents out a room, he needs to be more observant about his roommate’s hobbies.