Brooklyn Paper on Movie Noise: Not So Bad Now

The Brooklyn Paper writes this week about movie noise from Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Movies with a View being no big deal — and that BQE traffic is louder.

We didn’t need the BHB Decibel Meter to notice that  on July 23rd, the audio at  the The Big Lebowski screening  was very low in comparison to that of  Monsters vs Aliens the week before.  The high volume  of that event  rattled windows and nerves in the North Heights and many residents complained.   That prompted the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy to issue a statement  promising to manage the volume of the screenings at  Pier  1.   So far, so good. Kudos to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy for keeping their word to manage the noise.

This Thursday’s (8/5)movie  is Brokeback Mountain.

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