Dude Abides at BBP’s Movies with a View

It was really crowded at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 last night for the latest in the Movies with a View series The Big Lebowski. I swung by for about 5 minutes and noticed a couple of things – the movie volume seemed very low and the flora and fauna smelled really funny.  TK Small comments:

Last night I took a stroll down to the film at Pier 1 and I am wondering about the experience of others if they went. Although I was a little bit late in arriving and knew it would be crowded, I was slightly overwhelmed, but overall it was fun. Perhaps because of the movie, there were a lot of hippie/trustafarians, but the expected cloud of pot smoke never materialized.

And Karl Junkersfeld reports back with a video that maybe only the Dude and Jesus would truly understand. After the jump.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Homer “DUDE” my film is purely a preoccupation with food since i decided to starve myself for the next 3 months. A very restrictive diet. I call the film, “Eating Vicariously”. The amazing and healthy food individuals bring to these events is incredible. To me, I loved the evening’s experience based primarily on 3 criteria, 1) observing the delectable plates on so many blankets, 2) the enormity of the crowd that attended this event, and 3) the movie itself. But the food…..

  • TK Small

    I’m glad that you mentioned the curious odors, which I had forgotten earlier. Back where I was sitting, near the popcorn concession, the air was filled with the synthetic oils, combined with fresh manure.

  • Obama?

    It was great to see people from the Heights & beyond actually coming down to our waterfront & DUMBO for fun & recreation, instead of frolicking to Manhattan!

    I wish everyone who kept our amazing waterfront festering & off-limits to the public for 30-40 years would be held accountable so they can’t do anything nearly as outrageous again!