Feds Grabbing 20 Henry Parking Spots

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle’s Mary Frost reports that federal law enforcement officials, evidently tipped off by our coverage of the “stealth no parking zone” next to 20 Henry Street, have been using the spaces there. The Brooklyn Heights Association’s Judy Stanton took strong exception to this, as Frost’s article notes.

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  • Obama?

    Our Federal Gov’t is out-of-control in many, many ways!

    Why the hell should working for the Feds entitle one to park illegally? These parasites already took over Washington Street from Tillary St. north to DUMBO, as well as Red Cross Park! What more do they want from us?

  • Mike

    It’s clear. We the people are here to serve our governments employees.

    Wake up people, we are being screwed, and paying for it.

  • nabeguy

    It was completely empty when I drove by there this morning. Of course, g-men don’t work on weekends, do they?

  • John

    it’s 2010 who is still parking on the street anyway !
    it’s just next to impossible now.

  • Josh

    The no parking signs in front of 20 Henry Street have been removed. It is no longer illegal parking.