Park Officials Apologize for Noise: Give Schedule for Summer Events

The Brooklyn Heights Association has forwarded communications from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation. An open letter addressed to “Dear Neighbors”, on letterhead of the Conservancy, but co-signed by Regina Myer, President of the BBPDC, and Nancy Webster, Executive Director of the Conservancy, includes the following:

We wanted to let you know that some of the park’s summer events, most notably the Thursday evening Movies With A View series (now in its 11th year), the Saturday afternoon Bridge Culture spoken word and music series, and a special recital by the Metropolitan Opera on Tuesday, July 20, will have amplified sound. We have done our best to minimize noise spillover outside the park’s boundaries, onto the Promenade and adjoining streets. However, we ask for your patience, and your feedback, as we fine-tune the presentation of public events in our new park during its first year of operations, while you recognize the necessity of amplification for these well-attended events.

The full text of the letter is here. A full schedule of activities in the park, through mid-August, is here.

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  • Obama?

    What other city would let its prime waterfront property sit, rot, & be off-limits for 40 years??? That was outrageous!!!

    We finally have some much anticipated, long overdo activity down there, and now people are upset about some occasional, daytime amplified voices & music???

    Don’t sweat the small stuff!

  • mbutz

    Well, that pretty much stinks. Many of us moved to the HEIGHTS because it was slow, quiet and sort of last century. Keep the other stuff in Manhattan and let us be. The previous comment must have been written by one of the promoters – not a resident.

  • Remsen

    From a resident…I agree with Obama? Bring on the movies and concerts. mbutz, buy some earplugs.

  • Cranberry Beret

    “…DAYTIME amplied voices & music….Don’t sweat the small stuff!”

    You mean, don’t sweat the important details like daytime vs. nighttime?

  • Obama?

    I meant daytime & early evening as opposed to 11 pm & midnight.

    @mbutz: No, I have nothing to do with the project, & I’m a resident. Don’t panic, some activities on the piers won’t ruin your life.

  • GHB

    Looking forward to the opera on Tuesday!