Open Thread Wednesday 7/28/10

Flickr photo via Tom Faracy of Brooklyn: A portion of a photo of a communion breakfast my Mom attended on May 4th,1930.  At the Hotel St. George,Brooklyn Heights,NYC

Flickr photo via Tom Faracy of Brooklyn: A portion of a photo of a communion breakfast my Mom attended on May 4th,1930. At the Hotel St. George,Brooklyn Heights,NYC

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  • Demonter

    The ladies look so fashionable…very nice.

  • AAR

    SINK HOLE RETURNS! After two visits by NYC crews to “repair” the sink hole in the middle of the crosswalk on Orange and Hicks — the hole is reopening. Maybe this is part of the economic stimulus funding. (Also, there is a new hole at the corner of Clark and Hicks.)

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    I’m trying to find out when the 2 clapboard houses on Poplar were built #64 and the other is #80.

    I found dates for other Brooklyn heights buildings on the NYC assessors property records but these 2 buildings don’t show up for some reason.

    If someone out there knows of an alternative to the tax assessor records I would love a second source to double check my dates for various buildings in the Heights.

    Also, my film will be looking for the oldest house in Brooklyn Heights. Anyone out here want to venture a guess?

  • Tony

    Karl, according to “Highlights of Brooklyn Heights” by Martin J Starfield, Goodmark Distributing Co. 1987 (bought at Remsen Books for $2.95 when I moved here in 1990), no. 80 “is a three story frame house built in the 1830s. Until recently it was covered with asphalt shingles. In the late 1970s it received a handsome coating of cedar clapboard” He then quotes older residents saying that in the 20s and 30s there “was a barber shop on the ground floor in which newspaper reporter would lounge and await developments in the adjoining police station.” (pp. 49-50). Also, “In (sic)1970s the rear building was the subject of strange tales, none of which can be substantiated.”

  • T.K. Small

    AAR, I see your sinkhole and raise you one. Near 91 Joralemon there is a very respectable pair of sinkholes rapidly developing.

  • Tony

    but wait, there’s more…

    “Built in 1834″ #64 “…is believed to have been constructed by the father of Walt Whitman, a carpenter…often assisted by his famous poet son.” A rear garden ” holds what is purported to be to be the oldest ginko tree in the Heights…” brought by a newspaper man in China “and cuttings from it have provided many ginko trees … in the Heights.” (p.50).

    This book is a compilation of columns from “The Brooklyn Paper”.

    ps: I’m a history teacher at the Brooklyn Friends School.
    pps: You probably should see this book and make a copy thereof. {8-]

  • AAR

    TK: I can only match you, barely, with the small sinkhole at the corner of Pineapple and Willow. Hopefully, we can “fold ’em” soon and move on…

  • nabeguy

    There’s a Yahoo group site devoted to the St. George that would love this picture.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Thanks so much for that great info. I went to Amazon to purchase but unfortunately it is out of print. What great information. I’m always dropping in used bookstores for books on Brooklyn and they are always the first to go out the door.

    I’m going to ask and please feel free to ignore but is there any way I could borrow that book a week, max. Judging from what you typed, its personal touch is something I would love to read more. I could be at your door at any time, any day to pick up that prize. I promise to return it before the week is out. I have a book called “Brooklyn: State Of Mind” (duplicate copy) that I would be happy to give your for the loan of the book for one week.

  • epc

    Karl: you might look for “Old Brooklyn Heights New York’s First Suburb” by Clay Lancaster (Amazon: It’s split in two sections: one a period-by-period overview starting with Federal style and the other a street-by-street guide. Was originally published in 1961 so it’s post BQE but (I believe) pre “urban renewal”.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    I’ve looked at that book and it didn’t have the info I wanted. Thanks though. Three cheers for Clay Lancaster, a great American.

    Tony, I’m going to the Brooklyn Historical Society at 1:00 to see what they have and hopefully they have the book you mentioned.

  • Tony

    Karl: as I noted, you MUST have a copy made. I believe it had a very limited, “private” printing – a paperback with weak glue – the pages are falling out, but are in excellent condition otherwise. How can you get in touch without putting private contacts on the blog. I’m on Clark and am on vacation with plenty of free time – out of town from the 6th- 16th. Any ideas?

  • Big Dave

    Anyone know about the yoga class in the Pier One park last night and why the guy instructing was moved to use amplification? Sees a little overkill to me…

  • Andrew

    Does the conventional wisdom on this two-year old open thread on car services still hold? Are any car services better/cheaper to get out to Newark Airport (or is the cost difference worth dealing with the 2/3 to Path to NJT to AirTrain shuffle?)

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Tony, call me at 718-858-4710

  • nabeguy

    Karl, let me know if my house is in there.

  • Reggie

    Karl, according to Adrienne Onofri’s “Walking Brooklyn,” the oldest house in BH is #24 Middagh, built in 1824.

  • Vela

    LOST: Maclaren Volo in Slate Gray
    My husband and I were donating items at Housing Works on Montague St on Tuesday July 26th, at 6:55pm. We accidentely left our Maclaren Volo in the store. The store closes at 7:00pm. One of the employees put it on the street, because they are “not allowed to accept baby items”. We figured it was in the store, and we would get it the next day. If it was any other store on Montague St, they would have held it until the owner claimed it. If found, please contact me. I have the registration numbers to verify it.

  • Ben

    What is a Maclaren Volo? I had a 1986 Volvo back in the day but what is a Maclaren Volo?

  • bhmom3

    I know I ask this every Wednesday, but anyone know what day the Crumbs Cupcakes is opening on Montague?

  • Vela

    It’s a lightweight stroller. Housing Works should have held it until I came back to claim it the next day.

  • GHB

    I hope you didn’t leave the baby with it!

  • PJL

    Has anyone used Sam’s Auto Body on Old Fulton St.? Reviews?


  • Josh

    @Vela: Maybe it’s time you grow up and take responsibility for your own actions.

  • Mr. Bojangles

    Question for Brooklyn Heights drivers who park on the street: I’m sure that you’ve had to wake up at 6:55am to move you car on alt–side days, but is it really necessary to sit in your car until 8am for fear that a cop will ticket you for being parked in an 8am–6pm spot before 8am? I see plenty of people sitting in their cars, and plent of others repark their cars and then leave. What gives?

  • nabeguy

    Mr. B, I suggest sitting. Once, while doing the sit thing, I had to run up to use the bathroom, and in 5 minutes, I had a ticket. You never know when they’ll come around.,,or come back, as they are also known to do.

  • Vela

    @Josh: Of course I lost the stroller, but if I lost my wallet would they have put hat on the street?

  • tb

    Josh–What is your major malfunction?

  • Hello Brooklyn

    Bojangles – Truth is you never know. I’ve only once seen a traffic agent giving tickets before 8am (on Cranberry), but I have also seen a tow truck making rounds before 8am on a few occassions. I usually wait until 7:30-7:45 (if not until 8)when the whole block has filled up on the alternate side, but even then I guess I’m taking my chances. I have definitley seen people ticketed in the street sweeping spots when they leave before the hour and a half is up (on Henry, CPW & Columbia Heights).

  • Homer Fink

    Re: Crumbs – “early August” is the latest. Stand by for more.