Junkersfeld Goes Kayaking

When he’s not being interviewed about his accent or crusading against shady parking rules, Karl Junkersfeld can be spotted galavanting around the neighborhood with his new camera. Here he finds fun amidst the new BBP kayaks. Have a look!

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  • nabeguy

    I love kayaking. From now on, I’m calling it junkersfelding.

  • http://heatherquinlan.com Heather Quinlan

    Junkersfelding sounds like spelunking in Sweden.

  • Joe

    I’m going to try this. If you are riding tandem is there an age limit on the child you are rowing?

  • anon

    Free kayaking is also available from the Tribeca piers on the Hudson. I went pre- 9/11 and we went from Tribeca to Ellis Island, and Governor’s Island. One of the most awesome NYC moments to paddle in the Hudson and having the right of way under nautical law to any larger ships, including the Staten Island Ferry.

  • Demonter

    Jet skis would be a sensation…too dangerous due to the pilings, not to mention the motor noise pollution. Maybe a special one day session?

  • hoppy

    BEWARE!!! I’ve tried out one of those cheap(?) open style kayaks a few years ago and found that they’ll destroy your back after a few minutes (note the guy at 1:42 in the video who’s already in a reclined position). I’ve found it much more enjoyable when I was in the closed tubular ones which have toe clips. That way you can keep your hips and legs locked in a partial “Indian style” sitting position for a better center of gravity. I realize, of course, that provision of better equipment will likely necessitate a fee of some kind, whereas these kayaks are free.

  • Mary Bramley

    Hi Karl
    We are finally back in the UK and have tracked you down on the www.
    We so enjoyed our kayaking adventure thank you for getting us there. Luke said that it was the best part of his trip to NYC. Thank you for all your insights into the best of Brooklyn Heights ( pizza, chocolate, burritos, burritos ar our new favourite food ! ). We are enjoying your videos and look forward to new productions !
    All the best
    Govan and Mary