Open Thread Weekend 7/24/10

BHB Flickr Photo Club pic by Pat Bianculli

BHB Flickr Photo Club pic by Pat Bianculli

Hot enough for ya?  Comment away!

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  • AEB


    But it could be worse, much worse: it could be winter.

    I was seriously considering carrying a parasol today. But then I realized I don’t have one. Think True Value stocks them among the sleds, humidifiers, and ball peen hammers?

  • AAR

    It is way too hot and I complained bitterly until I heard about Peru – in the southern hemisphere it is winter. Sad to say that while we swelter in parts of Peru it is so cold that people have died from it.

  • Jorale-man

    This does remind me of the coldest days of winter in that you really don’t want to go outside if you can’t help it. You become a prisoner to controlled climate. Thankfully, the heat’s supposed to break later today.

  • John

    This is the most horrible summer we’ve had in a long time.
    I can’t wait for the fall to get here !

  • Andrew Porter

    Just noticed over on what the wonderful folks at the Parks Dept. have done with the former Empire Fulton Ferry State Park. They’ve leveled the place, so no hill any more, and worse, they’ve cut most of the trees down. The idiots.

    Here’s the link:

  • Andrew Porter

    Walt Whitman’s Brooklyn Heights in the 1850s, very different from the area today:

  • Jorale-man

    So they cut down most of the full-grown trees in the park, and with it, most of the little shade that existed along the water front. I love the new Pier 1 but its lack of shade is a drawback, especially for anyone prone to sunburn. You have to wonder what the thinking there was.

  • mudfarmer

    The trees were removed as part of the parks renovation in order to make room for the carousel “donated” by the Walentas family.
    The Dock Street DUMBO project cannot start until that damn carousel is out of the way.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    There were a couple pictures I had never seen before. Thanks. Did you notice that the title over the Montague Arch was Penny Bridge? Can’t believe they got that wrong. At least they knew the year it was constructed and that Minard built it. Glad to know that i am not the only guy who screws up.

  • TK Small

    Has anyone noticed the “dancing manhole cover” down by Pier 6? Actually it is more accurately described as West of One Brooklyn Bridge Park Plaza. Apparently there is water sloshing in underneath and whenever there is a significant wave, it makes the manhole cover bounce around. Perhaps Karl could get this phenomena on video!

  • Mike

    Has anyone fought a parking ticket from in front of 20 Henry St. yet? I saw the Temporary Construction sign but parked past the barricades and past the next sign post with the alternate side sign hidden by the scaffolding. In theory, that should mark the end of the No Parking zone. I requested a hearing by mail for the ticket and got an offer of a reduced fine ($40 from $70) or to wait and have a judge review my ticket. If it goes against me I have to pay the full fine. Has anyone else done this? Did you get a judgment yet?