Grand Opening Party at The Heights Salon

dscn0020Last night, the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood was invited to celebrate the Grand Opening of The Heights Salon at 136 Montague Street. Armed with wine, cake, and gift bags for all attendees, owners Rafael Nieves and Alfred Tom enthusiastically showed off their beautiful salon space. The salon offers a variety of services to their clients, including haircuts, color correction, Keratin conditioning treatments, and Japanese Hair Straightening, as well as manicures, pedicures, and waxing. One thing the stylists don’t give? Suggestions.

“I never give advice, I listen to my clients,” stylist Mario said. “I talk to them before I do their hair. I ask about their job, what they like to do, even the perfume they wear. Details are important.” Mario, who used to work at Studio Fryzura on Clark Street, strives to offer each customer a personal experience, right down to the salon decor. “We wanted the space to feel homey, comfortable, and cozy,” he said.

GOOD NEWS! The Heights Salon is offering a 10% discount during the month of August to anyone who mentions that they read about them on the Brooklyn Heights Blog! Visit The Heights Salon Tuesday through Friday 10am to 7pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm, or Sunday 10am to 5pm, and call 347-763-1023 to schedule your appointment.



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  • Ugh

    Ya gotta be kidding me. Another salon? It just never ends with this street.

  • Alanna

    Any BHB reader specials from this salon? I need to get some new color and a cut…I’d be keen to check them out with a potential new customer discount ;)

  • Peter

    Any ideas on the prices for mens’ cuts? Comparable to Studio Fryzura?

  • Caitlin Heikkila

    Maybe Brooklyn Heights Blog Readers AND Writers could get a discount! :-) I’ll keep you posted if I hear of any deals!

    As for prices– the average men’s cut is $36, the average women’s is $52.

  • maggie

    Who needs a discount? The prices are great for the service they offer. I’m sold on this place….

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Is that what men with hair pay for a haircut, $36. Man I’m glad I’m bald. That is equivalent to one happy meal at Noodle Pudding’s with a couple of beers. Thank you Lord.

    Do men still use hair tonic? A name that comes immediately to mind is Vitalis. Does it still exist? lol

  • nabeguy

    Yes, Karl, it still does exist. But, alas, gone are the days that “a little dab will do you” with Brylcreme. And don’t even ask about Butch Wax…,butch-hair-wax,1281631.html

  • AEB

    It suddenly struck me how weird the term hair TONIC is; as if, to make a hair dressing product for men acceptable, one had to position it as follicularly salutary. Or emphasize it’s he-man character, see Butch Wax, which really couldn’t be a campier handle, could it?

  • nabeguy

    AEB, even in the 60’s, I’m sure that the term “butch wax” was apt to elicit a snicker. These days, it sounds like a prop from a John Waters film.

  • Claude Scales

    All the guys I knew who used Butch Wax wore green on Thursdays.

  • Lisa

    I’d been following Mario for years, from when he was at Hair Profiles, to Studio Fryzura, and now The Heights Salon. This place is of a quality that is worthy of being in Brooklyn Heights! Go see and judge for your self. I LOVE this new salon — it puts all the others to shame.

  • Lisa

    Butch Wax…hahaha. Are some men so insecure that they go for a hair product just because of the (snicker) macho name.

  • AEB

    Lisa: yes. No “taint” of the femmy need apply.

  • AEB

    Also, @Lisa: “…This place is of a quality that is worthy of being in Brooklyn Heights!….”

    Most poignant thing I’ve read in days….

  • Lisa

    Hey AEB…you’re really funny. And I don’t mean that in jest. I like your posts.

    @ugh — what the heck with all these nail salons? They’re cheapening our neighborhood, and I blame the landlords who don’t seem to care about our neighborhood. They only care if the tenant can pay the rent. I can understand that but, what the heck…two nail salons right next to each other?

  • Lisa

    Montague Street shops have sort of gone downhill over the years. The Heights Salon really is the kind of place I’d like to see more of on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. It’s really charming and beautifully decorated. There are a lot of original details that they kept like the ceilings. Just beautiful. Wish more shops on the Street would stand out like this salon does.

  • Alanna

    Is $56 typical for a women’s hair cut? that seems a little high to me.

  • Ronni

    Mario has been my hairdresser and friend for over 9 years now. Rafael and Alfred with Mario at their sides have opened a beautiful salon where customers feel welcomed whether they are new or returnees. While one might think there are an awful lot of salons in the neighborhood there appears to be room for one more and The Heights Salon is the ONE.

    The prices are comparable to other places in the neighborhood – and the customer service can not be beat!!!

  • maggie

    Another great hair day for me. Just got my hair done with Rafael. Love the Heights!! Love the coffee and the wine, but most of all, love getting city service without the city price. The heights, Rafael, Mario and whoever thought of the concept are a win win for Brooklyn Heights.

    Two nail salons side by side, who needs them? I will start to use the specialized nail service at the Heights starting next month. No more production line nail service for me. It’s so easy to get spoiled at this place.