Orange Street Sinkhole Kinda Plugged Up


A few commenters mentioned today that the sinkhole at Orange and Hicks Streets has been plugged up. “MM” comments:

they did fix it last night, but temporarily is right. the asphalt is already sinking in, < 12 hours later. Guy told me they have no idea, and ’someone’ will be coming to understand why it is happening (under a street they repaved 2 years ago).

To the extent the sinkhole is in the middle of hicks, and slows down the cars driving too fast past plymouth and PS8, I’m all for it. If only it could be persuaded to move 10 feet east . . .

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  • Ben

    This looks like a bandaide on a disaster waiting to happen the wheel of my SUV will be gobbled up in this hole.

  • AAR

    The hole is not in the “middle of hicks” and will do nothing to slow down traffic past Plymouth and PS 8. It is in the middle of the Orange St crosswalk west of Hicks and has now been more permanently repaired. We shall see how permanent it is…

  • Ben

    The condition of the roads and sidewalks in NYC, all boroughs they are so bad, potholes, sinkholes, cracks. If Mayor Bloomberg were to seek yet another term I would hope he would tackle the condition of roads, streets in NYC. Queens Plaza, Third Ave, Atlantic Ave, all full of holes and cracks they destroy the car. Lets hope the Orange Street Sinkhole repair holds.

    NYC needs a politican who can do for roads and streets what Rudy Gullianni did for crime here in NYC.

  • brooklynheightzer

    We are going through budgetary crisis now so how are we going to pay for patching the potholes, cracks, sinkholes…. We just need better economy and things will improve as the city will have more money for potholes, crime etc.. Rudy just happened to be the Mayer during good economic times but his response to 9/11 was such a failure.

  • T.K. Small

    This morning I came to the conclusion that we live in a silly, little and irrelevant neighborhood here in Brooklyn Heights. The realization occurred when NPR reported on a 20 foot diameter sinkhole in Milwaukee that swallowed a Cadillac Escalade.

  • AAR

    Thanks TK – You are so right! Our problems a miniscule compared to what’s going on in the bigger world. I live close to the Orange St sink hole and mostly thought it was funny to carry on about it, a little diversion from the unrelenting summer heat.

  • T.K. Small

    Point of clarification. I did not mean to imply that sinkholes are not worthy of discussion, just that, our sinkholes are frankly inadequate and need to be nurtured. As I think about my my two year old niece’s future, I want the same opportunities for her that the children of Milwaukee enjoy. Perhaps the government is too quick to fix the almost impressive sinkhole near the promenade. Who knows, this opening might have developed into a credible wheeled vehicle swallowing orifice someday. We will never know… and that is sad.

  • TK Small

    Although I do not consider myself an “invalid”, I wonder whether I should invest a brightly colored helmet and bulletproof vest. I would not want to get shot by accident.