Open Thread Wednesday 7/21/10

photo by Rick Landy

photo by Rick Landy

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  • Bongo

    Mini Storage: Does anyone have any recommendations? I want to store some books, but I’m a bit worried about them being damaged in mini-storage from damp/heat/creatures.

  • Homer Fink

    I used Manhattan Mini Storage for years. It’s climate controlled so no worries.

  • ABC

    why is there a casket on the sidewalk outside 187 Hicks? some protest I assume? it’s been there for 3 days.

  • Ari

    Anyone else notice a good majority of the trees (not only in Brooklyn Heights) losing their leaves? It’s almost as if the onset of autumn is taking place.

    Is this a result of the lack of rain in the area this summer?

    There are piles of dead leaves all over the streets and sidewalks. And looking up at a good deal of trees, the leaves continually seem to be yellowing and dying.

    Seems totally abnormal….

  • BH Mom

    Can anyone suggest a place in the neighborhood where I can have a photo made from a negative?

  • justaneighbor

    This Neighbor likes: Equinox, Heather’s police blotters and the apartment on Clark Street with all the fun decorations outside. She dislikes: the hoods’ lack of good produce, meter maids and the distance from her place to Iris Cafe.

  • GHB

    Ari, those Sycamores (or London Plane trees) always seem to lose leaves by July, even if we get rain. When it’s dry, it gets worse!

  • Maggie

    I went to The Heights Salon that just opened at the old 1-800-MATTRES location above the hardware store. I think the place is just fabulous. Mario, who has been working in various salons in the neightborhood for years, is now there. Good for him — its a beautiful space. Anyone else here gone there yet, and what do you think?

  • Monty

    Big writeup in the NY Times about St. Ann’s School and their leadership.

  • my2cents

    Karl Junkersfeld is blowing up big time. Two TV appearances in one week! I hear he’s got an agent now :-)

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    my2cents, please don’t use the term “blowing up” and my name in the same sentence. lol I have gained 30 pounds this winter due to an inordinate time in bed and as a consequence my stomach is now protruding. They say TV puts on extra pounds but my scale tells me 30 pounds is not a good thing.

    I’m going to watch what I eat for now on and hopefully give my man Bruce Willis a run for his money.

  • bhmom3

    BH Mom: Funny that we have such similar “names,” but anyway, have you tried the cvs on henry?

  • bhmom3

    Where can you get the cheapest color copies made in the nabe? Thanks.

  • ABC


  • tb

    My husband loves Mr. Junkersfeld’s name.

  • nabeguy

    Karl, maybe you should get the kind of video camera like this guy has. Carry that around long enough, and you’re sure to lose that 30 pounds pronto…although I gotta admit that his shirt is sticking out even more than yours in front and you have better legs.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    ABC, as you know, I take many of my cues from regulars here at the BHB. I made a special trip to 187 Hicks Street and no coffin was in sight. Is it possible they buried the individual in that sinkhole on Orange and Hicks. I noticed they covered it up, though not perfectly.

  • MM

    I know past threads have discussed movers, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with movers who also have storage? My new apartment, which was supposed to be ready well before my current lease ends will now not be ready until about a week after it ends so I need movers who can provide storage for all my stuff for 7-10 days. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!

  • Daddy Dearest

    I’ve seen the coffin at various work sites in the city. It is usually a union protesting the use of non-union workers on a job site. I have only seen the coffin used in relation to asbestos abatement. Although I did not read them, there are various work permits posted on the entrance to 187 Hicks, so I am assuming they are related. (Please no assumption comments). On Monday they also had the giant inflatable rat in front of the building although they seemed to take it down rather quickly and replace it with the coffin.

  • T.K. Small

    MM:A family member of mine used to work for Padded Wagon Moving. They are excellent and I know that they have storage. Their telephone number is 212-222-4880. Please tell them I sent you their way.

  • ABC

    I was worried that I had hallucinated the whole casket thing

  • Andrew Porter

    As I’ve commented before, the London Plane trees have a fungal disease in the leaves, so that they tend to come down by mid-summer. This year, with the severe lack of rain, they’re coming down earlier.

    Incidentally, BH tree lovers, I hope you or your building owners are dumping water into the tree-wells, to counteract the lack of rainfall.

  • SidneyPlaceguy

    Hello Neighbors,

    So this has come up fairly often, I guess, but for a reason – there seems to be something in the personality of small contracters/handymen that makes them flaky. Either that or you find one you can depend on for a while, and then all of a sudden they disappear, or stop answering phone calls, etc. And before you jump to conclusions, no it’s NOT ME. Believe me, my Jewish guilt kicked in and I was SURE I’d offended one of the these guys before finding out that they’d been rude or dismissive of other clients as well.

    All this is preamble to saying that I’d been using one of the neighborhood’s stalwarts for a while and just called him to do something small and he pretty much blew me off.

    Fine. I found someone else highly recommended, and he showed up when he said he would and quoted me what I felt was a slightly high price for two small repairs and a replacement of a dimmer switch, but I said okay, since it was a first job of what I hoped would be many.

    We made an appointment for yesterday at ten. He blew me off – never showed up. We spoke yesterday afternoon. He apologized and promised to be here today at ten. He never showed. I started calling at 10:30 when he answered the phone and said “a few minutes.” He NEVER SHOWED UP. I kept calling every half hour and got either his voice mail or he’d pick up and would just put the phone down – I heard him talking to his men in the background. I was never rude or anything less than courteous with this guy. WHAT GIVES???
    And what I guess I’m asking is…anybody have someone they like and use for small repairs? I will not mention either of these men’s names here as there may be other people who use them and like them and just in case it IS something I’m not aware of, I don’t want to publicly besmirch anyone.


  • T.K. Small

    SidneyPlaceguy: I think it is good that you take the high road in not besmirching these people. If there are others that are happy with their performance, your comments might compromise that. However, after the first “blow off” I wouldn’t even call them back.

  • Raisincat

    MM: I highly recommend A-1 First Class. I used them when I moved from Long Island to the neighborhood and they stored my belongings for a week: Here is the rep contacts info that I worked with:
    Brad Giambrone
    A-1 First Class – Viking Moving & Storage, Inc.
    Interstate Agent for Atlas Van Lines, Inc.
    Specialized Transportation
    Residential And Corporate Relocations
    Tele: (718) 745-3400 (800) 545 MOVE
    (516) 594-8700
    Fax: (718) 492-2538

  • GHB

    SidneyPlaceGuy, you should absolutely out these contractors so I know never to call them. You’d be doing us all a service.

  • my2cents

    I agree with GHB. New York is unfortunately a place where too few people know how to fix things and the law of supply and demand means that generally there is little incentive for tradespeople like plumbers, handymen, etc to give good service because there will always be work for them, and there is an ample supply of gray market semi-skilled labor for them to subcontract to as well. They are generally on the same plane as apartment brokers, also notorious for bad service, blowing people off and standing them up. I almost considered flying my mom’s friendly, reliable house painter in from Chicago once because it would be cheaper and less of a hassle than dealing with New York contractors.

  • bhmom3

    Has there been any update on when the cupcake store is opening on Montague?

  • SidneyPlaceguy

    GHB and my2cents –

    If there was a way to contact you privately, I would be glad to give their names. As it is, they were referred by someone who knows a LOT of people in this neighborhood, and that person has been informed of the behavior. He will not be recommending either of them again, I’m sure!

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    If you want to see the current state of construction of the cupcake store called Crumbs, look at the right hand column above and scroll to Mr. Junkersfeld’s Omnibus 7/20/10 and click. I have some video of what the present state of the interior is as of 7/19. Moving quickly. Love their cupcakes.