Pier 1’s Night at the Opera

BHB’s Karl Junkersfeld reports on last night’s Metropolitan Opera event at Pier 1. The singers, in order of appearance, are: Christopher Magiera (baritone), Susanna Phillips (soprano) and Michael Fabiano (tenor), accompanied by pianist Jonathan Kelly.

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  • Fred T

    KMAN: Essentially a very nice piece which I enjoyed. A note of what I hope is constructive criticism follows:
    I realize that in you efforts to gather and report on information about “The Heights” that a certain deference must be given to the political officials to allow you access and you work would suffer and by extension our joys would diminish if you ignored them.
    But in thhis piece you proportionality seems askew at least to me. In “Pier One Night at

    The Opera a small amount over 3 minutes of a nine minute 26 second very nice piece of work is given over to politicos. It is of course your license to exercise editorial decisions but you would be wise to consider that it is also the right of the audience to reject blather , tune out and possibly ignore or turn off your piece. In essence you could be losing audience and all would be less enriched

  • lcd

    Wonderful concert – beautiful music and a nice cool breeze. How was the noise level upland?

  • GHB

    Great show, fine singers, beautiful skyline backdrop, sunset, good weather. Only drawback were the helicopters and that noisy boat!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Fred, your constructive criticism is great and I promise to make a point of lowering the percentage of political discourse on a film that should concentrate more on the artist and the music. (Also, had too many crowd scenes.)

    As an added note, I wish my parents would have has the same sensitivity as you, when correcting my many mistakes in life. Your criticism was perfectly stated. For the record, I am a big fan of Regina so my judgement may have been slightly askew. Thanks again kind gentleman.

  • PS 8 parent

    Wonderful concert!