The Dude Abides Thursday at Pier 1, Will Brooklyn Heights Take Comfort in That?

This Thursday Movies with a View returns to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 with one of the greatest movies of all time The Big Lebowski.  Last week, noise complaints prompted the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation to send a letter to residents asking for their “patience” while kinks are worked out in the sound system for movies and other events.

Tonight stars from the Metropolitan Opera will perform at Pier 1.

The Big Lebowski and opera in the same space, for free, just days apart in our backyard.  And what do residents here do?  Whine about the noise rather then saunter down to the park and enjoy great entertainment in a truly one-of-a-kind venue.

What would the dude say?  Maybe something like:  “This is a very complicated case, Homer. You know, a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous. And, uh, lotta strands to keep in my head, man. Lotta strands in old Duder’s head. Luckily I’m adhering to a pretty strict, uh, drug regiment to keep my mind limber.”

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  • my2cents

    Hey man, it’s like Lenin said
    “I am the Walrus”

  • bojangles

    how is this not going to be the largest congregation of pot–smoking cineastes in the city’s history?

  • my2cents

    I want to see a guy in a bathrobe get arrested for open container in the park, and then yell “Hey man, there’s a beverage here!” as the cops haul him away.

  • nabeguy

    Great, as if I don’t have enough people leaving garbage on my sidewalk, now I’ve got to pick up bowling balls and rolling papers…or is it the other way around?

  • bornhere

    Talking the NYT religion piece, it’s important to note that Walter doesn’t roll on shabbos…..

  • Hicks-ter

    Cop: And was there anything of value in the car?
    Dude: Huh? Oh. Yeah. Tape deck. Couple of Creedence tapes. And there was a, uh… my briefcase.
    Cop: In the briefcase?
    Dude: Papers. Just papers. You know, my papers. Business papers.
    Cop: And what do you do, sir?
    Dude: I’m unemployed.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Maude Lebowski: What do you do for recreation?
    The Dude: Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.

    The Dude: Look, just stay away from my f……… lady friend.
    Da Fino: Hey, I’m not messing with your special lady.
    The Dude: She’s not my special lady, she’s my f……… lady friend. I’m just helping her conceive, man!

  • Millstream Pigworker

    “Whine”? Um, bite me, Homer. Yes, those of us who are affected by the Park are complaining about the noise. How would you like to wake up every morning to the sound of reverse alarms and jackhammers and them come home to have Monsters & Aliens or arias or Indian music or whatever blasting through your apartment? Doesn’t sound like a lot of laughs, does it? So quit mocking those of us who are bearing the oppressive sonic burden of the Park — it shows just how little real interest you have in “nabe” affairs. Just because you live on a street where the Park doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean you have any right to judge longterm Bklyn Hts residents whose lives are being screwed with.

  • Clark Street Resident

    This is why we can’t have nice things.
    Millstream, I hope you never set foot in the park.

  • T.K. Small

    Clark Street Resident: Even if you do not agree with Millstream, you have to admit that this is one of the better screen names.

  • Millstream Pigworker

    Wow, Clark Street Resident, banishment for those you disagree with seems a little harsh, don’t you think? In fact, just to spite you, I’m going to go down to the Park RIGHT NOW!

  • Millstream Pigworker

    Oh, and not for nothing, but no one is saying that they shouldn’t have events at the Park. There should however be some oversight into how these events impact the surrounding neighborhood. Don’t forget, these are the very same folks who after years of planning meetings, somehow built the Blistering Hot Playground of Doom — I’m guessing the PAs at these events are being set up equally willy-nilly.

  • Alanna

    dude, relax.

  • T.K. Small

    Last night I took a stroll down to the film at Pier 1 and I am wondering about the experience of others if they went. Although I was a little bit late in arriving and knew it would be crowded, I was slightly overwhelmed, but overall it was fun. Perhaps because of the movie, there were a lot of hippie/trustafarians, but the expected cloud of pot smoke never materialized.