Mr. J. Goes to Movie With a View

Our man with a cam checks out yesterday evening’s action on Pier 1 as Hizzoner makes a surprise appearance and everyone dons 3-D specs to watch Monsters vs. Aliens.

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  • Lou

    Despite the lawn being very wet I thought the movie went very well last night. I know its been happening for a while but that was my first movie down there. It wasn’t so insanely crowded either.

  • x

    very nice video.

    Speaking of which, does anyone know if tonight’s (Friday) concert at Prospect Park is cancelled or not, due to possible rain/thunderstorm?

    Where can I find out?

  • Sarina

    It wasn’t crowded because a lot of people who were at the movie the week before did not attend this week. For Annie Hall the crowd was enormous. People with chairs got there early to find a place on the road only to be told they could not sit there as they were blocking the path. Many people cannot sit on the ground for health reasons etc. Later the path, which was very far from the screen, was completely covered with blankets and the road was blocked anyway. The space was way too small for the crowd that attended and many people were very upset to not be able to sit on chairs. there was a tiny area allocated for about 6 chairs so you can imagine the frustration people felt.

  • Pete

    mike kooper was obviously caught on camera with someone that wasn’t his wife…

  • hoppy

    Karl, great shot at 8:30. I think you could have quite a successful second career as a movie bootlegger! ;)

  • BklynHtsGirl

    Was banana hammock guy there?