Animal Planet on the Promenade


Love Animal Planet TV like Meerkat Manor, Whale Wars, and Corwin’s Quest? Run to the Promenade tonight because Animal Planet is filming a new series. While I couldn’t see which animals were involved, I could see a large cage. Any guesses?

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  • Alanna


  • Evelyn at WPL

    Precisely! Yes, an adorable rat named Lulu! They had a glass tank and mocked up the top part of an iron fence with big finials inside the cage. Lulu was inside the cage, then they put a little piece of avocado atop one finial to encourage her to go after it. When she did, the image was taken to show our most common urban animal gnawing on a Brooklyn brownstone’s fence with the backdrop of the city behind. A cool shot. And Lulu with her big pink nose was very cute….