Wake Up Everybody Move Your Car


On Monday night at 6pm (7/12), if you’re parked on Middagh Street between Columbia Heights and Willow or Willow between Cranberry and Middagh you better move!  Why?  Something called “Wake Up Everybody” will be shooting in th area and they need the space.  If you’re still parked there after reading this, your car may be “relocated”.

What is this “Wake Up Everybody”?  Who knows!  There’s nothing in IMDB and the production company “Light Blue” can’t be found anywhere online. There is a new song from John Legend (with the Roots) called “Wake Up Everybody” which was featured during the World Cup.  From what we can tell there isn’t an “official” video for the tune so maybe that’s it.

Update (7/13): This is a shoot for John Legend and the Roots.  Heather Quinlan reports that they’re also shooting at Borough Hall.

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  • my2cents

    What a truthful name! I hear the next movie shot here is going to be titled “Kiss my a** Brooklyn Heights Residents” and will be a story of heartbreak in the big city.

  • watchin on the nade

    damn homer you’re on it. you should be a detective.

  • Andrew Porter

    Duh. There’s never any parking at all on that block, maybe because of all the “No Parking” signs between Hicks and Willow. The only parking there was during filming of “Burn After Reading”, during which the block was a stand-in for Georgetown, Washington DC.

    I wonder how they’ll cope with the occasional sound of fire engines from the fire station near Henry?

  • Me

    They also posted no parking on Cranberry St. between Columbia Hts. and Willow St. and 2 signs on Columbia Hts. This is not a block included in their posted letters. There’s also no permit number on any of the signs. I don’t think they are legit. Regardless, the signs on the streets don’t say your car will be relocated so I don’t think they are authorized to tow your car. If you call the locations department number provided, the mailbox is full. Very tired of this. It’s annoying when folks go about things through the proper channels. It’s infuriating when they don’t.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Why does the neighborhood tolerate so much filming? There’s no compensation at all for the inconvenience these companies cause us in pursuit of their profits. It’s madness that we suffer this to continue.

  • Tony

    I believe the neighborhood is powerless to stop it, Topham. Film permits are granted by the mayor’s office, and their standards are rather low, since they want Hollywood money.

  • Bob Stone

    At exactly the same time, (July 12 through the 14th), another production, named some damned thing or other, is doing in State St., Garden Pl. and environs. Is there really that much money in this for the City? Are the permits expensive? Or is it food bought presumably locally for the production personnel (all those guys who sit around in director’s chairs for 55 minutes of the hour). Is there any earmarked local employment? Or what?

  • nabeguy

    Gotta keep the unions happy, even the ones that sit around for 98% of the day.

  • my2cents

    The movie industry is one of those bloated, inefficient things that just defies explanation. My friend works on LA in a production company and the waste he described to me is just staggering. Much of it is due to Unions, and it bears comparison to the UAW inefficiencies in the auto industry. The only reason it is sustainable is because movies are so profitable (generally) and there is no real non-union foreign competition like with the likes of Toyota and the such.

  • nabeguy

    I don’t know about LA and its unions, my2, but here in NY, which is traditionally a Democratic bastion, the best way for a Republican mayor to keep the rank and file voting for him is to keep them busy. Not necessarily a bad thing for the overall local economy, but a real pain in the neck when you have to move your car every other week for the shooting of yet another insipid Hollywood movie.

  • caitlin

    i may just be young and naive / i don’t have a car so maybe i don’t understand, but is it really a big deal to have to move your car? i’m not saying it isn’t, i’m just asking. is it hard to find parking in brooklyn heights? i can see how it could be a little bit annoying, but “infuriating?”

  • Me

    Caitlin, if you had a car, you’d understand. We already have to move our cars once a week for street cleaning and sit in them for at least an hour to do so because parking is so competitive. Throw the wrench of filming into the mix and it truly is infuriating.

  • Glenna

    Perhaps it was a sarcastic hoax? Something similar twice on lower Joralemon and Columbia Place, during a spate of shoots that discommoded the neighborhood with parking suspensions, crowded sidewalks, and humming generators. One set of flyers, distributed by hand to neighborhood homes, promised cash “courtesies” from the production company, whose name and number were featured on the flyers, along with details on how to apply. Another set of flyers promised a neighborhood barbecue– again, courtesy of the production company– and gave the company’s number for RSVP. I’d expect more of these charming push-backs, too, if the city persists in pimping out our neighborhoods for so little direct neighborhood benefit.

  • nabeguy

    Perhaps we should adopt their methods and BBQ in front of our houses while they are filming… sort of a “burn during reading” approach.

  • neighbor

    Film productions in the Heights provide paychecks to a very diverse crowd of mostly New York residents — U5 actors and extras, camera techs, sound people, electricians, carpenters, hair and makeup people, caterers, drivers, production managers — the list goes on and on. Yes, parking is sacrificed and no direct money comes to the neighborhood but there is a benefit to the city and that benefits all of us.

  • Demonter

    Some sections of Brooklyn never or rarely get film crews-Mill Basin for example. Have any films be shot there?

  • Demonter

    “…been shot there?”

  • nabeguy

    I’m sure a few things have been shot in Mill Basin, but not films.

  • caitlin

    @me. you’re right. i’m sure if i had a car i’d understand. hope i didn’t offend!

  • Canonchet

    Parking was banned as of 6am this morning in a wide swath of the North Heights (Willow, Cranberry, Middagh, Columbia Heights etc) for the ostensible filming of the aptly named ‘Wake Up Everybody.” At that very early appointed hour my neighbors and I were all out obediently reparking our cars, two hours in advance of the normal 8am Tuesday alternate-side witching hour. No film crews or advance parties were anywhere in evidence then or for at least the next three hours, which is all too often the case with these filming permits. A call to the production company ‘Blue Light’ at the phone number provided as is mandatory on the no-parking notice elicited the news that filming was taking place at Borough Hall this morning but not in the North Heights. Some regular neighborhood car-relocation and related disruption is an acceptable public price to pay for keeping the job-generating entertainment industry in New York – and besides, this is one of the many good reasons we don’t all live in Cleveland. But there should be some enforcement and discipline associated with this privilege. If people are to be inconvenienced for someone else’s commercial purposes, it should at least be objectively necessary.

  • Colette

    Big freakin deal…Jee whiz people …you live in Brooklyn Heights there’s hardly any good parking there as it is and you can certainly afford a parking lot monthly or for a day. Sheesh they must shoot there every day the way people are harping over this…I understand the inconvenience, but seriously folks your killing me with this, like your world is coming to an end. Next time put your hand on your head ala’ Scarlett and catch the vapors…it could be so much worse.

  • Cat

    @Colette, I guess you haven’t parked in a BH garage lately. Not cheap. And according to our intrepid crime reporter, if you park in the garage on Schermerhorn, it could cost you your car.